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Four major drivers of Healthy workplace

Excellence Canada provides a grid for us to self-assess, undertake a gap analysis and build a 5-year My Healthy Workplace Action Plan. Our process, plan and future state will be reassessed next year, both internally and by an external body appointed by Excellence Canada. We are measuring ourselves against both Bronze and Silver level criteria. The Healthy Workplace assessment is based on 31 success factors that are grouped under four major drivers:

  • Leadership
  • People Engagement
  • Planning and Programs
  • Process and Risk

To learn more, please visit Excellence Canada Drivers

Why is this Excellence Canada Healthy Workplace Initiative important?

Among other reasons, this initiative is of great importance because:

  • Excellence Canada provides a credible, structured and informed approach for assessing McGill’s strengths and gaps as a “Healthy Workplace,” and a helps chart a roadmap for its continuous improvement journey.
  • Employers of choice like McGill are making strong and actionable commitments to a healthy workplace – important to attracting and retaining the best talent.
  • MHW integrates related initiatives under the umbrella of the Healthy Workplace increasing partnerships across the University, while building community awareness of offerings and their accessibility.
  • The approach brings people together from across the institution to share knowledge and best practices, to raise important questions and to co-create opportunities for the future in areas of major import.
  • It ensures a consistency of focus and an objectivity that supports sustainable change.

What does success look like at this stage?

  • A wider understanding by our staff of McGill’s strategic approach to a healthy, learning centric workplace
  • More actively engaged, employee volunteers, serving on working groups and learning communities, and as ambassadors across the University.
  • The development and implementation of comprehensive 3-year healthy workplace action plan coordinated across the organization
  • Baseline indicators, measures and related goals that are realistic and meaningful to our McGill environment in areas of healthy workplace practices (including mental health, sound leadership, planning and programming, employee engagement and process efficiencies)


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