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A critical strength of My Healthy Workplace is its empowering and collaborative structures that bring together diverse McGill employees to take a deep dive into issues that matter most to individual, team and institutional wellness. Committed MHW volunteers have the ear of Executive Sponsors, the support of a skilled change team along with their own collective skills and passion to shape healthy workplace projects that make a difference.

My Healthy Workplace is all about employees learning from each other’s perspective, examining data, and through the strength of their collective voices, helping shape the future of our healthy workplace - one project at a time.

In addition to the guidance of a strong MHW Working Group, and an engaging network of MHW Ambassadors, MHW creates inclusive and dynamic opportunities for co-creation to happen within ambitious time frames.

In MHW Phase I, dynamic Learning Communities shaped important initiatives. Sincere thanks and appreciation to the many employee volunteers who collaborated with Sponsors to effect change in areas such as: employee wellness, continuous improvement, client service, sustainability, learning and development, and employee engagement.

Exciting projects emerged and several were fast-tracked during the pandemic, remaining valuable to our employees today. These include:

  • Mental Health – training includes the Workplace Mental Health Leadership Certificate program, the Working Mind for all employees, and Mental Health First Aid for interveners.
  • Electronic signatures
  • LinkedIn Learning for all administrative and support staff

In Phase II, we encourage employees to find the right level of involvement for them as we come together to help shape McGill’s Healthy Workplace future:

  1. FOCUS GROUPS and/or SURVEYS/PULSE CHECKS on key employee engagement topics
  2. CO-LABS for short-term projects
  3. LEARNING COMMUNITIES for more medium-term involvement focused on themes such as Healthy Hybrid, Employee Appreciation and Recognition, and Learning and Development.

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to contribute this Spring and Summer 2024.

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