Learning Communities

We are pleased to provide greater opportunities for employees to serve on My Healthy Workplace, through a network of Learning Communities addressing vital Healthy Workplace themes: Health & Wellness, Quality & Process, Employee Engagement & Recognition, Sustainability, and Service.

Our five My Healthy Workplace learning communities are comprised of a core group of 8 – 12 diverse employees who are working on important initiatives for our community over the coming months. We are seeking enthusiastic contributors from various sectors of the University and employee groups. The time commitment will vary between one and two days per month in total.

My Wellness-Centered Workplace

Focuses on creating and maintaining a healthy work environment. Coordination of the Excellence Canada Healthy Workplace assessments, McGill’s Healthy Workplace Guiding Principles, Action Plans and eventual silver certification by Excellence Canada. For more information on My Wellness-centered Workplace contact angela.morse [at] mcgill.ca

My Service-Oriented Workplace

Promotes a practical and positive service approach with stakeholders across the University (clients, partners, end-users), aligned with the Mission and culture of our McGill communities. Sharing of best practices, including involving stakeholders at strategic points in our respective programs and services (e.g. planning, knowledge transfer, assessment…). For more information on My Service Oriented Workplace contact jessica.scittarelli [at] mcgill.ca

My Engaged Workplace

Attends to key elements that impact employee desire to stay with the organization, continue to learn and contribute their best. Focuses on practical ways of engaging and recognizing employees, managing their performance, and involving them in services and processes that impact their work. For more information on My Engaged Workplace contact joan.soares [at] mcgill.ca

My Quality Workplace

Promotes practices that are effective, grounded in measures that are relevant, timely and meaningful. Focus is on process improvement and efficiencies in the workplace. For more information on My Quality Workplace contact johanne.houle [at] mcgill.ca

My Sustainable Workplace

Encourages managers and teams to manage effectively today, and build capacity for a sustainable future (talent management, succession, knowledge transfer, environmental considerations). For more information on My Sustainable Workplace contact ross.mcdonald [at] mcgill.ca

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