FAQ for Instructors

Update on the Mercury System Upgrade

The Mercury system upgrade was launched in Summer 2019 and overall has gone well. However, we are aware that certain previously available features are not yet operational in the current version. At present:

  • Instructors are unable to view their TAs’ course evaluation results.
  • Department means and department course means are not reported.
  • Numeric results and student comments are available in a combined report only.
  • Reports for crosslisted courses are not automatically displayed. (Instructors should contact the IT Service Desk or call them at 514-398-3398 to request that the report be produced.)

As the University moves forward with the system upgrade, previous features will again be available. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as the upgrade implementation continues. We will be updating this information as the situation evolves.

Course Evaluation Measures for Winter 2020

We understand that both instructors and students are adapting to new ways of teaching and learning, and that course evaluation results may be affected by these circumstances. We are therefore implementing the following measures to mitigate any negative impact:

  1. The following request is being included in all system-generated emails to students: “Given the current situation regarding COVID-19 and McGill’s shift to remote teaching and learning, please base your numerical ratings on your experience only up until March 13th. If appropriate, feel free to provide comments on how your instructor adapted the course and their teaching to the new circumstances.”
  2. Instructors may choose whether or not to have course evaluation results from the Winter 2020 term included in their teaching dossier for purposes of reappointment and tenure.
  3. Numerical results from the Winter 2020 term will not be disseminated to the public even if permission was granted by the instructor and the response threshold is met.

We hope that these actions will address the concerns around fairness regarding course evaluations. Thank you for your understanding as we work to support all of our instructors during this unprecedented time.

Where do I find my Mercury course evaluation reports from Summer 2019 and onward?

To access your reports from Summer 2019 and onward, log in to mcgill.bluera.com/mcgill/.

I can't log in to the course evaluation system. What should I do?

If you're having difficulty logging in to the course evaluation system, contact the IT Service Desk or call them at 514-398-3398.

My reports are not available. What can I do?

Ensure that ALL grade fields have been filled in and that the grades have been processed in Minerva. In cases where you don’t have a grade for a student, select an appropriate letter from the “Other grades” table on this page: University’s Regulations and Resources.

My course is crosslisted but I don't see the report. How can I find it?

Let the IT Service Desk know and the report will be produced for you.

I have another question not listed here. Where can I find the answer?

Visit the Mercury Help Documents page or the IT Support website.

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