Information for Unit Heads & Mercury Liaisons

We are excited to announce that McGill has upgraded the Mercury course evaluation system for the summer term. Benefits of the upgrade include:

- Access for students to complete course evaluations on their mobile devices;
- Access to the course evaluation system for students, TAs, and instructors through myCourses;
- Improved email notifications for students, TAs, and instructors; and
- More sophisticated reporting functionality for instructors, TAs, and unit heads.

The first course evaluations in the upgraded system will be available for students to complete starting May 15, 2019. This website contains documentation and information about the upgraded system.

This page contains information about the preparation of questionnaires, information security, and interpretation of unit course evaluation results. There are also strategies to increase student participation for academic units.

Academic Unit Heads: Mercury Liaisons:
  • discuss course evaluation results, both numerical and written, with instructors in the annual review process;
  • review all numerical results and comments, especially for pre-tenure instructors; and
  • identify program and curricular strengths and issues based on feedback.

For course evaluation information related to your role as a course instructor, please visit the Instructor page.

  • formulate the list of participating courses;
  • activate online course evaluations;
  • relay information provided by the [at] (Mercury System Administrator) to instructors;
  • remind instructors when evaluations are available to students and monitoring response rates; and
  • convey updated information, concerns and issues to the [at] (Mercury System Administrator).

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