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Deadline: January 15, 2023

(complete files i.e. online application & all necessary supporting documentation)

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M.Sc. Degree

The program extends over two years, is full-time, and comprises classroom courses, laboratories, and an individual research project leading to an M.Sc. thesis.

Students are admitted to this program only at the start of the Fall semester in September of a given academic year, i.e., there is no January entry to the program.

The prerequisite for admission into the program is a B.Sc. degree in physics (honors or major) or equivalent, with an average mark of at least 70% or a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0. Admission into the MSc program is a competitive process involving a review of all applications by a selection committee following the application deadline. The top-ranked students will be accepted into the program according to program capacity. Typically, the program admits about 8-10 students per year.


Please click the appropriate category below regarding application information for the 2023-2024 academic year.

International students are advised to contact McGill International Student Services to ensure selection of the appropriate start- & end-dates for the CAQ / study permit / visa:

Completing the Online Application Form

Instructions regarding access to/use of the new application form may be found here (applications for consideration to MSc Medical Physics and Graduate Diploma Medical Physics, September 2023).
Applicants are suggested to review carefully the information provided concerning eligibility and supporting documentation - once you are ready to begin an application, click "Apply Now".

Documents Required

The list of documents required for the Fall 2023 application process is given below.

In addition to completing the online application, the applicant should upload items 1 to 6 listed below, and item 7 should be answered within the application. For upload instructions, see Additional information: Applying & Admission

  1. Original official transcript in foreign language (if applicable) and an official English translation, including degree certificate and grading scale. Note: for *all* transcripts not on the North American 4.0 grading scale, applicants are responsible for determining the appropriate scale for their transcript(s) based on available institution/country scales within the McGill Slate application system i.e. to ensure conversion of their transcript(s) to the McGill grading scale - applicants' CGPA calculations will be verified at time of dossier review. Instructions are available within the Slate application system.
  2. English language proficiency: all test scores must be sent *electronically* by your testing centre to McGill University. It is important that the name used on your language test matches exactly with the name used on your McGill application. PAPER COPIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED;
  3. GRE: The GRE Score is not a requirement.
  4. Letters of recommendation: must be uploaded by referees directly to the student's online application. The referee should expect to receive an automated e-mail with link and instructions, generated by the student's application. There is no set format for the letters of recommendation - max. length 2 pages.
  5. Statement of interest: max. length 2 pages.
  6. Current CV
  7. Funding: applicant is requested to provide information under "Additional Questions" in the online application form regarding funding applied for, etc.

*All necessary supporting documents should be uploaded to the application - documents should not be sent to the department.*

Tuition and Student Service Fees

Landed Immigrant/ Permanent Residence

Please note that the Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Office of McGill University will require a copy of an applicant's document showing either landed immigrant or permanent resident status in Canada. An applicant may submit this copy to the Medical Physics Unit at the same time as submitting the supporting documents for an application to the medical physics M.Sc. program.

Financial Aid by MPU

Financial help cannot be offered by the Medical Physics Unit during the first two semesters, which are devoted strictly to course work. Potential students are encouraged to apply for government or private scholarships, i.e., arrange their own support for at least the first two semesters. During the second year, the possibility exists for students to obtain support from their thesis supervisors. This is not, however, guaranteed as funding is very limited and distributed on the basis of student merit.

Loans & Bursaries

Information on provincial government loans and McGill loans for students is available from the Student Aid Office under the link "Government Aid". The Student Aid Office also awards a limited amount of financial assistance available on the basis of demonstrated need and academic standing.

Fee Information

For the most up-to-date fee information, please refer to the Student Accounts Office website for fee schedules, information regarding e-billing, etc.

General Information on Funding at McGill

An applicant may view the web page for the Fellowships & Awards Office at the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, or send e-mail to: info [at] ( ). In particular, we suggest viewing the website which contains valuable detailed information on available funding and funding procedures.

French Speaking International Students

Students from certain French-speaking countries may, if accepted to McGill University, be eligible to pay tuition fees at the same level as Quebec students.


Ph.D. Degree

APPLICATION DEADLINE for the Ph.D. Program in Medical Physics beginning January 2023 is September 10, 2022.

APPLICATION DEADLINE for the PhD Program in Medical Physics beginning September 2023 is December 15, 2022.

Department of Physics - Graduate Program

For applicants who already have an M.Sc. degree in Medical Physics

The McGill University Ph.D. program in Medical Physics is run in conjunction with the Department of Physics, which means that the candidate has to fulfill the requirements for a regular Ph.D. in physics in addition to requirements for medical physics. Physics is the department of registration for a successful Ph.D. candidate, and requirements include the passing of the preliminary examination in physics which covers all aspects of modern and classical physics, including quantum and statistical mechanics. A graduate student wishing to enter directly into the Ph.D. program should possess an M.Sc. degree in Medical Physics from an accredited program in Medical Physics and specify which area of medical physics he/she wishes to pursue.

Sending the Application

Since an application should be made directly to the Physics Department, the potential applicants are asked to send the completed application to the Physics Department Admissions Office and state that they wish to be considered for acceptance into the Ph.D. program in Medical Physics:

Physics Department
Graduate Admissions Office
E. Rutherford Building
McGill University
3600 University St.
Montreal, QC H3A 2T8

Tel: (514) 398-6485
Fax: (514) 398-8434
E-mail: graduate.physics [at]

General explanation of Ph.D. program prerequisites

The graduate programs available to students at the Medical Physics Unit are heavily geared toward M.Sc. students, who upon completion of the M.Sc. degree in Medical Physics have an option to continue toward a Ph.D. in Medical Physics. Graduates showing an above average academic performance in the M.Sc. program in Medical Physics are eligible to apply to sit the preliminary examination, prior to commencing the Ph.D. degree.


September, 2022


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