Graduate Diploma / CAMPEP Certificate Program


The McGill Medical Physics Unit offers a Graduate Diploma in Medical Radiation Physics which is CAMPEP-accredited as a Certificate in Medical Physics. It allows eligible individuals to retrain in Medical Physics. Students in the Diploma/Certificate will follow the identical course program and are evaluated according to the identical standards on course performance, as the students in the CAMPEP-accredited full-time M.Sc. Medical Physics program with the addition of an Ethics course.

The Certificate Program received its first CAMPEP accreditation in December 2013 - reaccredited in 2018. Full accreditation is now valid until March 31, 2024. The portfolio for CAMPEP reaccreditation was submitted in March 2023 and is currently under review.


Admission process - Graduate Diploma

Students applying to the Graduate Diploma (D-MDRD-PHYS) follow the same *application procedure* and must submit the same materials as the candidates applying for the full-time M.Sc. program in Medical Physics. Briefly, the prerequisites are:

(i) In addition to a Ph.D. degree, a B.Sc. in Honours Physics, Physics Major, or related physics-oriented science (transcripts have to be submitted that allow these requirements to be checked);

(ii) Minimum GPA of 3 out of 4 in the B.Sc. (to be considered for the Graduate Diploma);

(iii) GRE not required;

(iv) TOEFL for foreign applicants (internet-based – iBT) minimum overall score of 86;

(v) Two letters of reference;

(vi) Statement of purpose.

After successful completion of the 1-year program, students will graduate with a McGill Graduate Diploma in Medical Radiation Physics.

Note that students with an M.Sc. degree in related science and a physics B.Sc. that satisfies the above-mentioned requirements, will not be admitted to the Diploma program. They will be required to register in the regular Medical Physics M.Sc. program should they wish to transition into Medical Physics.

English language proficiency: verify if exemption from providing an English language proficiency score. All test scores must be sent *electronically* by your testing center to McGill University (institution code 0935). It is important that the name used on your language test matches exactly with the name used on your McGill application. PAPER COPIES ARE NOT ACCEPTED.


Deadline to apply for the Graduate Diploma beginning September 2025: January 15, 2025

(complete files i.e. online application submitted & all necessary supporting documentation uploaded)

Note: only one (1) admission round per academic year.

Online application will be available by end of September 2024 for September 2025 consideration


Courses in the Graduate Diploma

Obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Medical Radiation Physics will require the student to pass the course portion of the M.Sc. program in its entirety with the addition of an Ethics course. The total number of credits required to graduate with the Diploma is 30 and the number of courses is 12.

There are 11 Medical Physics courses. The additional Ethics course is a Seminar course in Medical Ethics offered through the McGill Department of Philosophy i.e. PHIL 643:

"An advanced course devoted to a particular philosophical problem as it arises in the context of medical practice or the application of medical technology".

The option exists for an equivalent course to PHIL 643, subject to discussion with - and approval of - the Graduate Program Director.

Graduate Diploma students follow the classes at the same time as the full-time M.Sc. students in their first year. For successful graduation from the Diploma, the identical standards with regard to passing grades and student performance will be maintained as for the regular full-time M.Sc. students.



February, 2024

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