PhD Program

The Medical Physics Unit (MPU) offers a Ph.D. program in medical physics to its own M.Sc. graduates who excel in their M.Sc. studies and to students entering McGill with a M.Sc. degree in medical physics from another institution with an accredited M.Sc. program in medical physics.

The relatively small size of the MPU and the heavy clinical commitments of its staff can allow only a relatively small effort toward a Ph.D. program in medical physics, and this in collaboration with some other related major department at McGill University. The McGill Physics Department, with its excellent reputation in physics and 185 graduate students and 77 staff members, seems the best candidate for this collaborative effort. The administration of the Physics Department and its academic staff strongly support the joint venture in medical physics between the Physics Department and the MPU. The Ph.D. graduate in medical physics at McGill University thus receives a Ph.D. from the Physics Department with a subspecialty in medical physics.

The PhD medical physics program achieved its first 5-year accreditation in 1993, latest reaccreditation awarded in 2018 - full accreditation now valid through to December 2023.


January, 2021

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