2023 Admissions

Accepting an offer

Acceptance of offers

Offers of admission

Offers of admission are conditional upon the candidate's receipt of a Bachelor's Degree (MDCM, MDCM & PhD programs) or Diploma of Collegial Studies (Med-P Qualifying Year) and upon the candidate's successful completion by the time of registration of studies currently in progress, including the requirements for admission, at a level comparable to past academic performance.

For the first series of offers, successful applicants must respond to the offer of admission within two weeks. Candidates on the Waiting List, should they receive an offer of admission, may be given a shorter period of time to respond.

For students accepted into the MDCM program, notification of acceptance of the offer must be accompanied by a deposit which will be applied against tuition fees. The deposit is refundable up to May 15th for international students and up to June 15th for non-Quebec Canadians and Quebec residents applying to the MDCM, MDCM & PhD programs. For students accepted into the Med-P Qualifying Year, notification of acceptance of the offer must be accompanied by a deposit which will be applied against tuition. For Med-P applicants, the deposit is refundable up to June 15th.

Offers for a place on the waiting list

The Admissions Office does not release rankings, including positions on the waiting list and reserves the right to withdraw its offers should candidates not confirm within the assigned timeframe. Candidates who accept to have their names placed on the waiting list must be reachable at all times and keep their contact information up-to-date via Minerva.

Can someone else accept an offer on my behalf?

Applicants who anticipate being out of contact during any part of the offer period (March-August) can designate a proxy (or a delegate) to accept or refuse an offer on their behalf. To do so, submit a written statement to this effect (see template below) and be sure to include signatures from both the applicant and the proxy.

Template Proxy Letter:


[Address of Candidate]


I, [Full name] with McGill ID number [McGill ID], authorize [Name of Proxy] who is [Relation to Proxy] to correspond with the Office of Admissions on my behalf regarding all matters related to my application to the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University. This authorization is valid for the duration of my absence, from [Start Date] to [End Date], inclusive.  

I have updated the mailing address in my Minerva account to include the proxy's contact information for the specified time period.  I also provide it here for your reference : [Contact/Address(es) of Proxy]

By virtue of the signature below, [Name of Proxy] accepts the full responsibility during the designated time period. 


Candidate: [Full name and signature]

Proxy: [Full name and signature] 

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