2024 Admissions

Waitlist Post-Interview

Waitlist for Offers of Admission

Information for applicants offered a place on the waitlist for admission to the MDCM program. 

Please note that waitlists for each applicant category are distinct, and positions on waitlists cannot be interchanged between categories. The Undergraduate Medical Admissions Office retains only a certain number of positions on the waiting list for each applicant category. Offers of admission are made when places become available, and this can occur right up until the beginning of classes.  

As such, we recommend that candidates on the waitlist prepare their immunization records and the Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification.  University level candidates admitted to the program must submit their immunization by May 1, 2024 and complete the Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification requirements by July 31, 2024.

Students admitted or promoted to the program after May 1 must submit proof within 2 weeks of receiving their offer, but no later than the first business day before Orientation.

  • It is expected that candidates' contact information on the Applicant Portal is up-to-date. Please ensure that we can reach you in the event that we are able extend an offer to you. 

Waitlist Rank: Candidates will be notified of their waitlist position through an email notificationCandidates who do not wish to remain on the waitlist are encouraged to cancel their application in the Applicant Portal, to provide the next candidate on the waitlist the opportunity to be considered for a position.

If you indicated either preference for the site selection, you will see a # beside MTL & OUTA, to indicate your waitlist number for each Campus

Special Pathways or Cohorts

  • MD PhD waitlist order depends on availability of seats per residency cohort.
  • If you are on the MD PhD waitlist no number is provided. Should a seat become available, you will be contacted directly.
  • If you are eligible for an offer for both the IMG-4 and IMG-2 pathways, you will only receive the waitlist number for the IMG-2 pathway.  Should a seat become available in the IMG-4 pathway, you will be contacted directly.

Waitlist Progress

Applicant Pool Next potential offer* Date of latest offer
Quebec University

Montreal #1

Outaouais #1

March 28, 2024
Out of Province Canadians 2 April 3, 2024
International 1 March 28, 2024
Quebec Resident: International Medical Graduate (Advanced Standing) - IMG-2


March 20, 2024


*Offers are made as spaces become available. Additional offers in any pool will not necessarily be made.


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