2023 Admissions

Tracking the Status of your Application

Assignment of a McGill Identification Number

Once you have successfully submitted the on-line application forms (including payment), you will receive a notice via e-mail confirming that your application was received and assigning you a nine digit McGill identification number. You will need this McGill ID number to access to the Minerva system (see next section) and to track your application.

To expedite the processing of your application, include your McGill ID number and name in all application documents and communications with our office.

Note that your McGill ID number and Minerva account are permanent.

Tracking the status of your application

The status of your application can be tracked by logging into Minerva (see Track Your Application Status), under the Applicant menu, using your McGill ID number.

It is strongly recommended that applicants check their application status on a regular basis, e.g. once a week, as there may be updates or additional requests required as part of the dossier review.

N.B. ► The primary means of communication will be e-mail, using the e-mail address provided at time of application.

Especially during peak periods, there may be a two-week delay before the Admissions Office registers documents in the Minerva system after these have been received. The date posted is the date of entry into the system and does not necessarily reflect the date of receipt.

Minerva status updates and decision codes: what they mean

Minerva Status

What it means

Action required

Items outstanding Required documents on your application checklist are missing Upload the missing document
Ready for review All documentation received and your application is under review NO ACTION required
Decision made Your file has been reviewed and a decision rendered Refer to the Decision Code
(see table below for common 
decision codes)
Decision Code What it means
01 - Admitted You have been offered admission to the program specified.
02 - Admitted with Condition You have been conditionally accepted to the program specified. The conditions will be indicated in your letter of acceptance.
11 - Refused - ltd space available While your overall record (and interview, where applicable) meets our requirements, due to the large number of applicants, the extremely competitive nature of our programs, and space limitations, we are unable to offer you admission.
13 - Refused - missing prerequisite You have not been admitted as you are missing prerequisites for your specified program. See your decision letter for further details.
14 - Refused - ineligible You have not been admitted as you are ineligible for admission based on the academic background shown in the information received.
18 - Refused You have not been admitted. See your decision letter for futher details or contact the appropriate Admissions Office.
30 - Reviewed - Decision Pending Waitlisted for interview.
31 - Further Review Required Invitation for an interview, Minerva checklist has been updated.
32 - Waiting List You have been placed on a Waiting List for the specified program. In order to ensure further consideration of your file, please confirm your intention to remain on the Waiting List.
50 - Cancelled by Applicant Your application for the program specified has been cancelled at your request.
51 - Cancelled by University Your application for the program specified has been cancelled as your application was incomplete after the deadline had passed or was submitted after the application deadline.
63 - Deferral Request Under Review Your request to defer your registration until a later term has been received.  A decision will be made shortly.
65 - Offer Withdrawn after deadline The offer of admissions for this program has been withdrawn as you did not accept the offer by the deadline.

Making changes or cancelling your application

Any change or update to your application information must be submitted in writing to the Undergraduate Medical Admissions Office. Please note that certain information involved in assessment cannot be updated after the application deadline, in order to ensure equity amongst all candidates. Changes in personal information such as addresses or phone numbers can only be done via the personal Minerva account. Details can be found in the PIN and Personal Updates section of the Minerva guide.

An application can be cancelled via your Minerva account.

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