Video: Partisan Politics During a Pandemic: From Consensus to Conflict

15 May 2020

In this webinar, Tasha Kheiriddin elaborates on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Canadian political partisanship dynamics.

Video: Policy Transparency Challenges (and Implications) of Government Responses to COVID-19

7 May 2020

In this webinar, Kevin Page reflects on the various challenges and implications to policy transparency in COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Video: Food Security in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

5 May 2020

In this webinar, Aurélie Harou looked at the short-term and expected long-term effects of COVID-19 on the demand and supply of food at home and internationally.

Video: How Can Globalisation be Governed?

30 Apr 2020

This webinar featuring Peter Nicholson took place on April 29, 2020 as part of our Policy Challenges During a Pandemic series.

Video: Health Disparities Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

28 Apr 2020

Watch Dr. Zinzi Bailey's and Nicholas King's webinar on the health disparities that are exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video: “I Am in Control”: Lessons in Crisis Management from Past Crises

22 Apr 2020

Reflecting on past crises, Mel Cappe outlines 20 principles on how best to prepare and strategize for events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video: High Compliance Policies and their Pitfalls

20 Apr 2020

Watch Daniel Weinstock discuss how policymakers can integrate harm reduction thinking to the way in which they define the terms, and the enforcement of, social distancing restrictions.

Video: Crisis Communications during COVID-19: The Good, the Ugly and the Ugly

20 Apr 2020

Watch Adam Daifallah's webinar on the challenges of communicating policy responses in an unprecedented health crisis.

Webcast: COVID’s Financial Fallout

16 Apr 2020

Watch McGill economic experts Chris Ragan and Barry Eidlin assess the global financial situation and answer audience questions.



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