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Video: High Compliance Policies and their Pitfalls

This webinar featuring Daniel Weinstock took place on April 20, 2020 as part of our Policy Challenges During a Pandemic series

As the length of the lockdown imposed by governments extends from weeks to months, policymakers must consider integrating harm reduction thinking to the way in which they define the terms and the enforcement of restrictions. Rather than imposing maximalist restrictions that give rise to compliance lapses that evade the enforcement capacity of the state, they should enact policies that are premised on a realistic assessment of compliance, and of the state's capacity to enforce it.

Daniel Weinstock

Professor of McGill’s Faculty of Law and the Director of McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy.

Previously a Professor of Philosophy at the Université de Montréal, Daniel Weinstock held Canadian Research Chair on Ethics and Political Philosophy. He was also the director of the Research Centre on Ethics at Université de Montréal for many years. He is also a member of Centre d'études ethniques des universités montréalaises.


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