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Video: Partisan Politics During a Pandemic: From Consensus to Conflict

This webinar featuring Tasha Kheiriddin took place on May 13, 2020 as part of our Policy Challenges During a Pandemic series.

A crisis has the power to bring a country together, or to bitterly divide it and exacerbate polarization. The COVID-19 pandemic poses a historically all-encompassing challenge to nations around the world, with political responses ranging broadly, from national unity to bitter partisan conflict. Why has COVID-19 fuelled acrimonious partisanship in some countries, but not others? What lessons can we draw for the post-pandemic world? In this webinar, Tasha Kheiriddin addresses the issue of political partisanship during COVID-19.

Tasha Kheiriddin

Media commentator and political analyst

2004 Ontario Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Former Vice-President of the Montreal Economic Institute; Former Director for Quebec of the Fraser Institute

In addition to her career in media, Tasha Kheiriddin has worked in law, politics, advocacy, and academia. She served as the 2004 Ontario Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. She also acted as the former Vice-President of the Montreal Economic Institute, and is the former director for Quebec of the Fraser Institute.

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Policy Challenges During a Pandemic

Policy Challenges During a Pandemic is a series of webinars and briefing notes addressing policy aspects of the current public health crisis.


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