Video: Crisis Communications during COVID-19: The Good, the Ugly and the Ugly

20 Apr 2020

Watch Adam Daifallah's webinar on the challenges of communicating policy responses in an unprecedented health crisis.

Webcast: COVID’s Financial Fallout

16 Apr 2020

Watch McGill economic experts Chris Ragan and Barry Eidlin assess the global financial situation and answer audience questions.

Video: The World Oil Market, COVID-19, and International Politics

14 Apr 2020

This webinar featuring John Stewart took place on April 14, 2020 as part of our Policy Challenges During a Pandemic series

Video: Pathogens, Pandemics and Public Liberty

9 Apr 2020

This webinar featuring Pearl Eliadis took place on April 9, 2020 as part of our Policy Challenges During a Pandemic series.

Video: The Journalist’s Job During a Global Pandemic

6 Apr 2020

In this webinar, Cindy Skrzycki and David Shribman discuss how the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the difference between media giants and smaller digital outlets, and why it is so important to...

Video: Why Can’t They Just Send Us All a Cheque? Debating a Crisis Basic Income

3 Apr 2020

In this webcast moderated by Max Bell School Director Chris Ragan, Jennifer Robson, Associate Professor at Carleton University, and Ken Boessenkool, public-policy economist, discussed the...

Video: How Different Countries Respond to Global Crises: Social Policy Lessons from the Past

1 Apr 2020

In this webinar, Daniel Béland looks at how the ongoing COVID-19 global crisis has major implications for social policy.

Video: The Role of International Institutions

30 Mar 2020

In this webinar, Professor Jennifer Welsh discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the existing international architecture for managing crises such as COVID-19 and the degree to which we have seen...

Video: The Success and Failure of Intergovernmental Coordination

27 Mar 2020

Ian Peach argues that responding to a pandemic like COVID-19 requires two things that may be mutually opposed – on one hand, rapid action and, on the other hand, coordinating governmental responses...



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