Video: The World Oil Market, COVID-19, and International Politics

14 Apr 2020

This webinar featuring John Stewart took place on April 14, 2020 as part of our Policy Challenges During a Pandemic series

Video: Pathogens, Pandemics and Public Liberty

9 Apr 2020

This webinar featuring Pearl Eliadis took place on April 9, 2020 as part of our Policy Challenges During a Pandemic series.

Video: The Journalist’s Job During a Global Pandemic

6 Apr 2020

In this webinar, Cindy Skrzycki and David Shribman discuss how the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the difference between media giants and smaller digital outlets, and why it is so important to...

Video: Why Can’t They Just Send Us All a Cheque? Debating a Crisis Basic Income

3 Apr 2020

In this webcast moderated by Max Bell School Director Chris Ragan, Jennifer Robson, Associate Professor at Carleton University, and Ken Boessenkool, public-policy economist, discussed the...

Video: How Different Countries Respond to Global Crises: Social Policy Lessons from the Past

1 Apr 2020

In this webinar, Daniel Béland looks at how the ongoing COVID-19 global crisis has major implications for social policy.

Video: The Role of International Institutions

30 Mar 2020

In this webinar, Professor Jennifer Welsh discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the existing international architecture for managing crises such as COVID-19 and the degree to which we have seen...

Video: The Success and Failure of Intergovernmental Coordination

27 Mar 2020

Ian Peach argues that responding to a pandemic like COVID-19 requires two things that may be mutually opposed – on one hand, rapid action and, on the other hand, coordinating governmental responses...

Video: Evidence, Expertise, and Uncertainty in Decision-Making During a Pandemic

25 Mar 2020

Professor Nicholas King discusses the roles of evidence, expertise, and uncertainty in decision-making during a pandemic.

Video: Misinformation During a Public Health Crisis

24 Mar 2020

Professor Taylor Owen briefly discusses what types of health disinformation we are seeing, as well as how civil society, the platform companies and governments are responding.



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