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Teaching labour law

Photo of the Maxwell Cohen Moot Room

McGill Law offers a number of courses related to the LLDRL's work themes, many of which are taught by Professor Adelle Blackett. In addition to full-term courses, the LLDRL also collaborates with faculty members teaching mandatory undergraduate-level courses, such as Constitutional Law, and Property Law, to integrate conversations about labour law and its founding narratives into the curriculum.

Digging deeper

Carolyn Flick in October 2016

Over the years, members of the LLDRL have sponsored and taught seminars with a special focus on the theories, discourses and stories that shape labour law and influence our members' work. These include the student-initiated Critical Race Theory Seminar, sponsored by Professors Adanhounme and Professor Blackett, and the Critical Race Theory and Slavery and the Law Seminars taught by Professor Blackett.

Transnational Futures of International Labour Law

To mark the ILO's centenary, in the winter of 2019, Professor Blackett taught a new specialized seminar entitled "Transnational Futures of International Labour Law" alongside leading visiting lecturers and ILO experts. 

The course, hosted by the Trudeau Foundation and the Faculty of Law at McGill University, covered emerging topics in international labour law, such as the regulation of domestic work, forced labour, violence at work, informality, racial discrimination and international labour law multilateral and regional trade. It offered a unique opportunity to critically reflect on its transnational futures. All lectures of this seminar were open to the public and live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook. 

Transnational Labour Law Seminar Series on Airline Labour Law

In the winter of 2023, Professor Blackett is teaching an advanced Transnational Labour Law seminar, in collaboration with teaching fellow Julia Selman-Ayetey. The seminar centres the corpus of international labour standards emanating primarily from the organization that survived the League of Nations to become a United Nations specialized agency, the International Labour Organization (ILO).  

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