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Labour Law and Development Research Database

The Labour Law and Development Research Database (LLDRD) is a documentary database on labour law and development emphasizing pluralist, transsystemic understandings of labour law beyond the state. Its aims are to disseminate information that is not easily accessible, to strengthen collaboration between researchers of the Global North and Global South, and to contribute to the development of a critical analysis of contemporary discourse and theories on globalization, international development, and labour law. 

It offers to the members of the Labour Law and Development Research Network an unparalleled access to 

  • Rare, poorly preserved and historical primary sources on labour law and development collected during our members' field work
  • A vast repository of court decisions invoking international labour standards
  • Vast resources on emerging regulatory trends, governance innovations and compliance practices specifically relevant to domestic workers
  • Thematically and regionally classified searchable documents, decisions and sources on topics as vast as migrant, rural, domestic and informal work and workers, race relations, international development policies, health and safety, social policies and protections, economic development, human rights, government and politics.
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