Online Placement System

Click on the appropriate link below and sign in with your McGill Username (email address) and password.

Note: The system is not available while it updates overnight (approximately 10:30pm to 1am) and during scheduled Minerva/Banner maintenance

To fill in your online field experience/internship placement form:

Online Placement Form ← link

After you have registered on Minerva, your ISA Student Teaching Placement Coordinator will send you an email with a submission deadline and more information specific to this field experience or internship. Please note that this form is only available one business day after you register in your EDFE or EDIN course on Minerva, and once your Placement coordinator has emailed you.

What placement information does the ISA request?

  • Confirmation of name and course (internship) info
  • Your mailing address and phone number are extracted from Minerva
    • It is the student teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the address and phone number on Minerva are up-to-date. Please visit McGill Student Records website for steps on how to update this information.
  • You need to indicate:
    • If you are comfortable teaching in French.
      • VERY important if you are in TESL or Social Sciences; will greatly increase chances of finding a placement by proposed start date. KElem students should clarify what grade levels they are comfortable teaching in French. 
    • If you have relatives attending or working at schools in the Greater Montreal Area.
    • What means of transportation you will be using during your internship (car or public transportation).
      • Kindly take note: indicating a car as your method of transportation does not mean you will be placed further away from your home. Placement coordinators will try to place students close to home when possible. Indicating you take public transportation does not "guarantee" you a placement at a school closer to your home address.
    • OPTIONAL Comments (e.g. if seeking paid contract (MATL), requests, your personal pronouns, etc.).

Take note!

  • You CANNOT edit the form once it’s submitted!
    • You will need to email your Placement Coordinator if you made a mistake or any info has changed since submission.




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