New International Student Funding

We are pleased to announce that several new IPN students of Fall 2019 have received international student funding:


Xinyuan Li

Ms. Li is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program, and is supervised by Drs. S. King and P. Rosa-Neto. She was awarded a scholarship by the China Scholarship Council (CSC), which offers funding to outstanding Chinese students pursuing doctoral or postdoctoral studies at McGill.

Learn more about the CSC Scholarships here.

Charlotte Maschke

Ms. Maschke is a new Master's student in the program. She is conducting her graduate research in the BIAPT (Biosignal Interaction and Personhood Technology) Lab at McGill, under the supervision of Dr. S. Blain-Moraes. Charlotte was awarded a scholarship by DAAD, a German Academic Exchange Service.

Learn more about the DAAD Scholarships here.






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Luis Aguilera Luna

Mr. A. Luna is a new Master's student, and is supervised by Dr. P. McPherson. He received funding from the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT). In a collaboration with McGill University, CONACYT co-sponsors Mexican students enrolled in a Master's or Doctoral thesis program at McGill.

Learn more about CONACYT here.






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Luisa Elena Hernandez Melo

Ms. H. Melo is a a new Ph.D. student in Dr. M. Pell's lab. She received funding from CONACYT.




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