M.Sc. Thesis Submission

As of March 1, 2021, all Master's students must use the myThesis platform to submit their theses. 



All IPN Master's students are required to submit a thesis for evaluation. The thesis must be based on the research of the student. While it does not necessarily require an exhaustive review of work in a particular field, the thesis must show familiarity with such work and must demonstrate the ability of the candidate to carry out research and to organize the results, all of which must be presented in a good literary style. 

McGill University regulations do not require a "great deal of original scholarship" at the M.Sc. level. However, IPN expects the student's research to be of sufficient quality for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. 


Nomination of Examiner(s)

The Thesis Examiner is an individual who has agreed to evaluate the thesis. The thesis supervisor, in consultation with the student, is responsible for choosing the Thesis Examiner. The following points should be considered when nominating a Thesis Examiner:

  • The Examiner can be internal or external to the Unit or University, where 'Unit' refers to a department, a division, a school, an institute, or Faculty/University-wide program;
  • The Examiner may be a member from within the department who has not collaborated with the research;
  • Must have an academic appointment at a university and be actively engaged in research;
  • Must not be in conflict of interest.


Instructions for Thesis Submission

Refer to McGill's GPS' website



The student must have submitted their written thesis by the third year of their Master's studies


Important Notes

Must be registered in

NEUR 699 Master's Thesis Submission 12 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer


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