Health and Wellness

Mental Health Resources at McGill

There are a variety of services, resources, and support available for students! In addition to those mentioned below, students have access to McGill Health Services through the Student Wellness Hub.

Workshops and the First Peoples' House

The Indigenous Student Associate holds monthly workshops focusing on mental health and wellness. Recent workshops have included:

  • Winter Exam Workshop Series
  • All-Day Pet Therapy
  • Evening Guided Meditation
  • Sharing Circle with Incense
  • Indigenizing Art Therapy session

The Indigenous Student Associate is a regular member of the Subcommittee on Undergraduate Student Advising and the Academic Advisors Network, and is connected to McGill Tutoring Services and Indigenous Access McGill.

As well, an Indigenous Counselor is available through Student Services for one-on-one sessions to provide social and psychological support to Indigenous students. The counselor stays in touch with the student community by participating in the beadwork workshops held by the First Peoples' House.   

Indigenous students at McGill can also seek support from the First Peoples' House staff, and from visiting Elders. 

Resources from the Student Wellness Hub

Explore the options available through McGill health services, including:

Visit the Student Wellness Hub website for more information on available services.

Community Organizations in Montreal

Visit Concordia University's Support for health and well-being page for a list of community organizations in Montreal who can provide support to Indigenous students. 

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