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McGill offers a wide variety of services to support student success and well-being. Due to the COVID-19 alert level in Montreal, some of our services will return to remote delivery until further notice. For details, click visit the "How to Access Student Services" page. In all cases, access is by appointment only, so please contact us for an appointment.

Coronavirus Updates How to Access Student Services Remote Student Life Portal

Access Remote Services

The Student Wellness Hub is offering limited in-person appointments on Mondays and Thursdays, and will continue to offer virtual appointments for all of our services. If you have questions about the Student Wellness Hub or the services we currently offer, give us a call weekdays from 10:00AM-12:30PM and 2:00-3:30PM at (514) 398-6017 or send us an e-mail at [at] You can also view a detailed list of the services our clinicians provide on our Meet with a Professional page.  


To be eligible for the services of the Student Wellness Hub you must:

  • Be physically located in the province of Quebec at the time of your appointment. This is due to restrictions imposed by various professional orders who license our clinicians to practice in certain jurisdictions.
  • Consent to having an appointment via telehealth.

Services available via the Student Wellness Hub

  • Counsellors are booking both first time and follow-up appointments. Call us at 514-398-6017 for more information. 
  • Local Wellness Advisors (LWAs) are now offering online booking! Visit our Local Wellness Advisor page to find your LWA and make an appointment. 
  • Not sure what kind of support you need? An Access Advisor can speak with you and help you find the right resource for you. Book online today!
  • Do you have a medical question? You can make a telephone appointment with a member of our nursing team. To make an appointment, call us at 514-398-6017.
  • Our dietitians offer phone and video consultations, as well as new assessments! Make an appointment by calling us at 514-398-6017.

  • If you have returned home and need access to your medical records or have them transferred to another clinician, call or [at] (email the Hub) and we will process your request.
  • We continue to offer remote sessions with our psychiatrists, through MS Teams. Call the Hub to book your appointment. 
  • We have a full menu of online programming, workshops, and support groups all week long. All of our programming is listed on our Remote Programming page. .

Appointments with a general practitioner

Our General Practitioners are currently conducting most appointments remotely, with limited in-person spots available on Mondays and Thursdays at both the downtown and Macdonald campuses. You'll need to be assessed remotely before being offered an in-person appointment. To book, please call 514-398-6017

Telehealth options

Maple is another option for accessing an appointment with a GP, at a distance. We have worked with Blue Cross and Maple to eliminate up-front charges for international students covered by Blue Cross at Provincial insurance plans and/or other supplemental insurance plans, however, may not cover Maple services. This service is available to: 

  1. Students with primary residence outside of Canada, who cannot use Maple when outside of Canada but can use Maple when in Canada
  2. Students with primary residence in Canada, who can use Maple while in Canada and while visiting other countries. When using Maple outside Canada, however, students cannot fill prescriptions at local pharmacies.

Students who are part of the SSMU health plan may also access Dialogue, another telehealth platform. Details on the tool, as well as how to access it, are available on the SSMU website

Off-campus options

While many healthcare services off campus will be reimbursed by your insurance plan, most will require payment up front. Canadian students covered by StudentCare insurance can get reduced rates by visiting providers that are part of the StudentCare network.

If you present flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, extreme fatigue or difficulty breathing), call 1-877-644-4545, or in the Montréal area 514-644-4545, and follow the instructions you are given. Note that testing for COVID-19 in Quebec is free.

Medication Management

Students with questions about medication management should contact their pharmacist directly, as the government has put in place emergency measures to make managing your medication easier. Pharmacists in Quebec can now renew certain prescriptions longer than previously allowed by law, and issue prescriptions for “minor conditions.” Most pharmacies have a delivery service. If you were to stay at home, you could receive your medication as usual, without having to travel. If your pharmacist is not able to help, make an appointment with one of our nurses at the Hub and we will help you look for a solution.

Free, 24/7 Access to Mental Health Support

Keep.meSAFE is a mental health counselling service, offered to students in partnership with SSMU and PGSS, that provides 24/7/365 access to licensed counsellors through telephone and mobile chat in over 60 languages. To access this service, download the MySSP app for Apple iOS or Android. You can learn more about this service on SSMU's website.

Keep.meSAFE is completely free and unlimited for all of our students.

We understand that these conditions are difficult for our students and we have explored every avenue for continuing to provide whatever services we can. Non-emergency access to healthcare providers may become less accessible for all of us while the pandemic continues.

As always, for questions regarding COVID-19, call the information line at 1 877 644-4545. If you have a medical emergency, you should continue to dial 9-1-1 or go to an emergency room.

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