Slavery Old and New: Labour Exploitation Through the Ages and Around the Globe

This joint research initiative, a collaboration between the Institute of Comparative Law and the Hans & Tamar Oppenheimer Chair in Public International Law, examines the legal conceptualization of labour exploitation. Through an interdisciplinary, transnational and historical methodology, this project will draw on a variety of disciplines, spaces in time, and places around the world, to explore law’s understanding of “labour exploitation” and its relationship to society and practices. 

This year, the series consists of three events:



Four events took place in 2014-2015:


The 2013-2014 academic year focused on establishing a transdisciplinary lecture series on old and new forms of ‘slavery’. Two distinguished guests were invited to deliver lectures in our inaugural year.

Both lectures were extremely well attended by faculty and students, both within the law faculty and other departments.

Prof. Ariela Gross (USC) and "All Born to Freedom?" - April 8, 2014


As of 2014-2015, the ICL was joined by the Tubman Institute at York University as an organizing partner on the research initiative.

This initiative is jointly headed by Professor Helge Dedek, Director of the Institute of Comparative Law, and Professor François Crépeau, holder of the Oppenheimer Chair, in partnership with Professor Annie Bunting, Deputy Director of the Tubman Institute.


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