Graduate Programs

Image by Lysanne Larose.
Annual photograph of the ICL students and profs - October 2014

Doing a graduate degree in comparative law

McGill's Faculty of Law provides substantial opportunities for investigation and exchange across legal traditions that move beyond the simple acknowledgment or contrast of formal rules in different geographical places. It encourages transdisciplinary approaches to both teaching and research.

The Faculty of Law at McGill University offers a Master's in Comparative Law (LL.M.), both Thesis and Non-Thesis, and a Doctorate in Comparative Law (DCL). For more information, visit the Graduate Studies in Law website, under Master's Programs in Law (LLM), and under Doctoral Programs (DCL).

To apply for admission to one of these programs, visit Graduate Law Admissions. where you will find our requirements, procedures, deadlines and more.

Those interested in postdoctoral research should visit the Faculty of Law's Postdocs, research fellows & visiting scholars page.

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