Women imprisoned. Lessons to inform the UDHR at 70

27 Mar 2019

By Marianne Bevan. There is a striking similarity in the experiences of women in prisons around the world. Their pathways into prison are generally characterised by high rates of trauma and abuse,...

The Isolation of Human Rights and an Appeal for the Human Rights Based Approach

14 Mar 2019

By Slava Balan. Over the past 70 years international human rights saw an unprecedented progress. Yet, despite these outstanding normative and institutional achievements, the global human rights...

‘The Magna Carta for all humanity’ and ‘African values’: an appraisal

18 Feb 2019

By Zelalem Kibret. While the majority of African countries signed the UDHR in the post-independence period with the hope that its enshrined values represent their national values, perennial queries...

Civil Society – State Relations in Peace and Conflict

17 Dec 2018

By Saeed Parto. Efforts by civil society to contest or initiate collaborative engagement with the State on the fundamental rights of citizens is likely to carry more weight and legitimacy if linked...

A Peoples-Centred Celebration of the UN Declaration of Human Rights on its 70th Anniversary

8 Nov 2018

By Shaké Melanie Sarkhanian. The 70th anniversary of the UNDHR is a celebratory moment for human history in advancing equality, equity, peace, freedom, and justice for all. But it also calls our...

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