Preaching Without Practicing: Legal Accountability for NGOs to Respect Human Rights

6 Aug 2019

By Noam Schimmel. While many NGOs have been keen to embrace the principle that international human rights law should apply to corporations, they have largely not insisted upon the same for themselves.

Civil Society – State Relations in Peace and Conflict

17 Dec 2018

By Saeed Parto. Efforts by civil society to contest or initiate collaborative engagement with the State on the fundamental rights of citizens is likely to carry more weight and legitimacy if linked...

A Peoples-Centred Celebration of the UN Declaration of Human Rights on its 70th Anniversary

8 Nov 2018

By Shaké Melanie Sarkhanian. The 70th anniversary of the UNDHR is a celebratory moment for human history in advancing equality, equity, peace, freedom, and justice for all. But it also calls our...

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