Inclusive Citizenship and Deliberative Democracy

Democracy from afar: Observing the Russian elections from Montreal

25 Oct 2021

O'Brien Fellow in Residence Dr. Andrey Shcherbovich critiques the Russian Duma’s election law, as well as recent constitutional reform imposing harsher restrictions for observers & members of...

Local knowledge, Jokowi wrote

26 Apr 2021

Pranoto Iskandar argues for the enduring relevance of local knowledge in efforts for democratic renewal in Indonesia. Scrutinizing recent policy decisions and current legal and political structures...

Beyond state visions of democracy: envisioning family and workplace as democratic spheres

8 Apr 2021

Alexander Agnello and Matthew Palynchuk emphasize the importance of broadening the scope of democracy to include other spheres, including the family unit and the workplace.

Protecting Freedom of Expression Online

16 Feb 2021

Rachel Zuroff, BCL’16, compares online intermediary immunity laws in the context of social media. Drawing on the recent Capitol Hill riots, she highlights tensions between Internet free speech and...

The Pitfalls of the Ethiopian Elites’ War of Narratives: Part II

22 Jan 2021

In this second of a two-part article, Shimelis Mulugeta Kene, DCL'20, and Solen Feyissa analyse Ethiopia’s social and political landscape, and demonstrate that a war of narratives has recently been...

The United Nations at 75: Has It Delivered the Promise of Human Rights?

7 Dec 2020

Reflecting on 75 years of the United Nations, Slava Balan argues that a Human Rights-Based Approach is needed to implement the goal of universal human rights.

Au-delà des débats: réfléchissons à la dignité des enfants, notre avenir à tous

26 Nov 2020

Tamara Thermitus réfléchit sur l'effet du racisme systémique en abordant la nécessité d'envisager le privilège de la liberté académique dans une perspective contextualisée et nuancée.

The Pitfalls of the Ethiopian Elites’ War of Narratives: Part I

19 Nov 2020

Shimelis Mulugeta Kene and Solen Feyissa analyze the history of Ethiopia’s social and political landscape, and show that a war of narratives has recently regnited between the “Pan-Ethiopianists”...

Challenging Censorship: Open Society Justice Initiative Opposes ICC Executive Order

16 Nov 2020

BCL/JD student Kimia Towfigh examines a recent executive order that sanctions supporters of the International Criminal Court who provide evidence of alleged war crimes committed by US troops in...


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