Keeping Up with the Times: Why Canada Should Enact a Modern Slavery Act

7 Aug 2019

By Emilie de Haas. While modern slavery already constitutes a human trafficking offense under criminal and immigration laws in Canada, Canada is falling behind other countries when it comes to...

Preaching Without Practicing: Legal Accountability for NGOs to Respect Human Rights

6 Aug 2019

By Noam Schimmel. While many NGOs have been keen to embrace the principle that international human rights law should apply to corporations, they have largely not insisted upon the same for themselves.

On Global Human Rights — Part One

12 Jun 2019

By Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal. How are the international human rights regime and international law to recover from populism, ethno-nationalism and sovereigntism, and tackle current human rights...

Impunity for Genocide Perpetrators: How the UN Residual Mechanism Fails to Deliver Justice

9 May 2019

By Noam Schimmel. International criminal tribunals that respond to appeals of sentences made by these tribunals—and requests for early release from convicts—often radically undervalue the lives of...

Christchurch Tragedy: In Pursuit of Silver Linings and Lessons to Embrace amidst Precarity and Division

8 May 2019

By Rodziana Razali. Explicit racism and Islamophobia incentivizing both mainstream and fringe alt-groups can no longer be ignored and downplayed when their perpetuated threats and violent extremism...

A purposeful role for women in peacebuilding in Mali

7 May 2019

By Sharanjeet Parmar. To achieve durable peace in Mali, citizens and their government must ensure that transitional justice and peacebuilding efforts are as inclusive as possible, putting the...

The Global Compact on Refugees: A Cause for Celebration or a Missed Opportunity?

15 Apr 2019

By Rouba Al-Salem. Only time will tell how successful the international community will be at developing indicators to measure the implementation of the Compact and how successful these will be in...

Women imprisoned. Lessons to inform the UDHR at 70

27 Mar 2019

By Marianne Bevan. There is a striking similarity in the experiences of women in prisons around the world. Their pathways into prison are generally characterised by high rates of trauma and abuse,...

Human Rights in a Divided World: An Appeal to the Ordinary Citizen

15 Mar 2019

By Rapti Ratnayake. The foundations of the international human rights system are being threatened, and more efforts need to be made in making its case to ordinary citizens. This requires a...


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