Immigration regulations (administrative and support staff)

The immigration regulations concerning the employment of non-Canadians, in part, reads as follows:

  1. All non-Canadians must either be permanent residents or possess an employment authorization before they start work. In most cases, employment authorization, and in all cases, permanent residence visas must be obtained before arriving in Canada.
  2. Employment authorization may be issued only after the Canada Employment & Immigration Commission Centre (CEIC) in the region where employment is intended certifies that no qualified citizen or landed immigrant is available to take the employment offered.

From time to time, it is necessary for departments to submit a duly authorized statement to the CEIC explaining that they have been unable to find a Canadian or landed immigrant with the required qualification to fill a vacant position, and therefore, they are proposing to employ a candidate who does not fall within the above categories. Letters of this nature should be processed through the area personnel officer/representative or the Staffing Section of the Department of Human Resources, as appropriate.

Each department, in submitting its request to the CEIC, should supply proof of advertising and the fact that the vacancy has been registered with the CEIC at McGill, and that no Canadian or landed immigrant was available to fill the position.

With respect to the employment of non-Canadian graduate students, undergraduate students, academics, conference speakers, etc., please refer to the Handbook for Chairs and Deans, available from the Office of the Vice-Principal (Academic). For further information, see Appointments.

February 2002

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