Retirement: Life’s Next Great Adventure (Virtual)

Monday, October 23, 2023 12:00to13:00

Offered by the Health and Wellness Program as part of the 13th Annual Health and Wellness Fair for McGill Faculty & Staff

Are you nearing the end of your career and contemplating ‘what’s next’? While many of you have likely already done significant financial planning, have you devoted the same time and energy to imagining and planning for life’s next adventures? If not, now’s the time! Join recent Dalhousie University retiree, Dr. Sue Hutchinson, leisure and retirement researcher, for this interactive virtual workshop. During the workshop you’ll get a chance to:

  • Think about key aspects of work that you’d like to bring with you into retirement;
  • Consider what’s important for a happy & fulfilling life in retirement;
  • Hear advice from other retirees about beginning the journey;
  • Identify immediate ‘next steps’ for planning for a life you’ll love in retirement.

Note: This workshop does not deal with financial planning

To register:

  1. Click here to register through Minerva. Registration closes the weekday before the event.

Note: The link to the session will be sent one weekday before the event. 

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