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LifeWorks is an online wellness platform offered as a part of the Employee and Family Assistance Program. It is a comprehensive resource to help you face life’s everyday challenges and provides tools to help you thrive.

There are 3 simple ways to join:

  1. Go to to login and enter your McGill email address. You will be redirected to your McGill account where you will enter your McGill password. Please note that if you have set up 2FA for your login, you will be prompted for the second factor when accessing the LifeWorks platform.
  2. You can also access LifeWorks from the McGill Office 365 page by clicking on the LifeWorks tile.
  3. Download the Lifeworks App onto your mobile device or tablet using Google Play or iTunes.

Once logged in for the first time, you will be presented with the LifeWorks Terms of Use 


ASSESSMENTS of your physical, mental, social and financial well-being. You are provided with a well-being score for each pillar, and personalized recommendations on how LifeWorks can help.

CARE NOW PROGRAM with online modules such as: coping with change, grief, anxiety, stress, substance abuse, tobacco cessation, sleep and more.

You can invite DEPENDENTS to access certain features in LifeWorks so they can find confidential help and advice on hundreds of topics
(In the LifeWorks platform, go to your profile and click on family where you will be prompted to add your dependent's email address to send them an invitation).

Exclusive ARTICLES and PODCASTS to support your physical, mental, social and financial well-being. These timely resources address current issues such as preparing for the new normal, seeking facts about the COVID-19 vaccine, or caring for a loved one in the pandemic.

NEWS FEED: Curated by McGill’s Health and Well-Being Advisor in HR's Benefits team, the newsfeed is an opportunity to easily receive information on upcoming events, challenges, monthly themes, and tips.

Access to LIFT, an online fitness platform offering automated fitness journeys and live chat access to coaches.

Watch the LifeWorks introduction video to learn more.

For any technical troubleshooting with LifeWorks go to:


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