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Thesis examination

Thesis Examination 

General Information

  • A Master’s thesis must be examined by a single academic specialist
  • A Doctoral thesis must be evaluated by two examiners - one internal and one external
  • Supervisors may not serve as examiners of their own Master’s or Doctoral students
  • For Doctoral theses, following the successful (written) examination, there is an oral defence

Examiners evaluate the thesis according to the criteria in the thesis examiner report form. Examiners provide an overall judgment of 'passed' or ‘not passed’, assessing whether or not the thesis fulfills the requirement for the degree, even if minor changes are recommended.

An evaluation of 'passed' should be awarded unless the revisions required are major, such as:

  • The need for a new study, experimentation, or significant additional research or reformulation.
  • The need for major stylistic or editorial changes. While these are not normally considered to be major revisions, if the quality of the presentation is so poor that extensive rewriting is required, the thesis should not be passed. Examiners are asked to identify such changes clearly in their reports.

Please read the other pages in this section for detailed information on:

*Unit refers to a department or a school or an institute or a division, in the case of Experimental Medicine.