Meet 2023 Global Health Scholar Maddi Dorris

McGill Global Health Scholar Maddi Dorris is a Concurrent Bachelor of Music/Education student working with Professor Claudia Mitchell of the Department of Integrated Studies in Education.

Maddi Dorris is a Concurrent Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education student and a McGill Global Health Scholar. Maddi works with Professor Claudia Mitchell of the Department of Integrated Studies in Education.

Meet Maddi

Based in Montreal, Maddi Dorris is setting a new standard for contributing to diversifying cultural inclusivity and commitment to incorporating each student's strengths into their education. Listed as a 2023 McGill Global Health Scholar, Maddi Dorris has dedicated her career to helping marginalized communities with barriers that could be dissipated through empathy and understanding. Her current project is More Than Words, a 4-year research project, funded by Women & Gender Equality Canada that uses art and intergenerational mentoring to empower Indigenous girls, young women and LGBTQ2+ youth to address sexual and gender-based violence and support survivors, families, and communities. She is concurrently completing her Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education at McGill University. In her spare time, you can find her learning electric bass, making iced lattes, or playing her Wii.

About Maddi's Project

"I am a reviewer and editor of the publications and productions document, transcriptionist for workshops, and the sole literature reviewer for the More than Words project.  

I compile and help curate resources for developing the More than Words and Pathways2Equity Publications and Productions document. The document informs funders of the intensive yet valuable nature of the research. It offers a comprehensive view of the research outcomes and outputs, including academic papers, conference presentations, reports, and other scholarly works. The document also includes my work as a transcriptionist; this enhances the workshop's impact, promotes knowledge sharing, and contributes to the event's overall success by creating a lasting record of valuable insights and discussions.  

I have also recently begun a literature review for a similar production document. I listen to audio from remote events and transcribe for study and access. By conducting thorough searches in various databases, I identify relevant research papers and studies on climate change and gender transformation in the global majority (i.e., Mexico, Argentina, and many more). By helping Dr. Claudia Mitchell enter Phase 2 in her research, I prepare comprehensive reports or summaries of the reviewed literature, incorporating my analysis and insights and presenting the information clearly and concisely."

What is the most exciting or surprising aspect of your internship so far?

"I am so excited to be entirely surrounded by women and non-binary members that are just as excited as me to be there! Being a part of a woman-based research team brings diverse perspectives, empowerment, inclusivity, and a more significant focus on gender-specific issues, enriching the research process and outcomes; it truly feels like a safe space to be myself. I absolutely love the community feeling of the group and the check-ins to see how everyone’s work is intertwined. Communication feels seamless, and I could not have asked to work with a better group in my first internship at McGill! "

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