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  • Spoken: English and French (+multilingual environment)
  • Teaching: English and French
  • Charting: English and French

General Description

Situated next to the beautiful Lachine canal, MedNam Clinic was established in 2015 in Lachine, when this was still one of the major underserved municipalities in Montreal. The family medicine group (GMF) has since largely expanded, having recruited over 30 family physicians, and registered over 25,000 patients. It is a bright example on how new clinics can adapt and evolve to meet their community’s healthcare needs.

In 2018, MedNam added a second satellite site (Cité Médicale Lachine) and became a GMF-Réseau, offering urgent care visits to its patients and the larger community all 365 days of the year. In 2022, rising to meet the ministerial needs, the physicians at the clinic have offered to collectively register and take care of over 12k orphan patients together.

As a GMF, MedNam’s physicians work closely with many allied healthcare professionals, including auxiliary nurses, nurse clinicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, social workers, a dietitian, and a kinesiologist. The dynamic team of young family physicians at MedNam have diverse interests outside of clinic: from emergency medicine, to hospitalist, to home care, to long term care, to palliative care, to paediatrics and obstetrics. There are also specialty clinics run by family physicians at MedNam and they include women’s health, procedures and injections, dermatology, and CNESST clinics.

Having started receiving McGill University’s clerks during their family medicine rotations since January 2021, MedNam has worked hard to develop a teaching culture, and will be welcoming its first 2 residents in July 2023.

Additional Information

Residents will be completing their core hospital rotations at the Lachine and Lasalle Hospitals (and their mental health block at the Douglas), with additional varied experiences in the clinics and CLSCs of the region. Though not necessary, having a car is highly encouraged, as it will make travelling between the different sites easier.


Located in Lachine, a suburbia of Montreal, Mednam offers a rich multicultural patient population (40% visible minorities), with many new immigrants, and a strong representation from all age groups. Bilingualism is highly encouraged as about two thirds of our patients prefer French, one third English, and a minority speak neither language.

Undergrad Teaching

GMF-U MedNam if a family medicine group composed of two sites in Lachine, located one block away from each other (Cité Médicale Lachine and Mednam). The staff is composed of about 30 family physicians, a couple of residents, and a variety of allied health professionals (from nurses to pharmacists to social workers).

Students assigned to MedNam will get to experience family medicine in a comprehensive and continuous manner by delivering primary care in different situations such as seeing follow-ups and doing walk-in. Depending on what is available during their rotation, they may also get to participate in specialized clinics (like women’s health and procedures) and/or caring for patients in other contexts (CHSLD, home care or ER).

Postgrad Teaching


2 residents as of 2023 (2 R1s)

We will be welcoming another 2 R1s in 2024 for a total of 4 residents (2R1s and 2R2s)


  • Horizontal (residents maintain a family practice with one half day of clinic per week throughout residents, with additional family medicine clinics during their Family Medicine Rotations)

Our curriculum follows the horizontal curriculum of the Department of Family Medicine of McGill University. Rotations are grouped according to domains of clinical care. Residents follow a roster of about 150 patients over the course of their two years of residency.

To learn more on the postgraduate curriculum, click here

Particularity of this teaching site

GMF-U Mednam is a new Family Medicine residency site with McGill University since July 2023. Situated in Lachine, this program’s core rotations will cycle through a few different community hospitals: Lachine Hospital for ER, Hospitalist medicine and Palliative care, Lasalle Hospital for Obstetrics and Douglas Hospital for Mental Health. The Geriatric rotation will take place in a few sites: the local CHSLD, the rehabilitation center at Hôpital Ste-Anne and by doing consultations with the geriatrician in hospitals, residences, and patients’ homes. Owning a car is recommended to make travelling between the different sites easier.

GMF-U Mednam is composed of two different sites located one block away from each other: Cité Médicale Lachine (where most of the teaching will be taking place) and Clinique Mednam (the walk-in center).

The Family Medicine rotations will offer longitudinalized parent-child and procedural experiences that will be reoccurring regularly throughout the next two years. CHSLD and home care will also be integrated in the Family Medicine rotations. The clinic also aims to prepare their residents in terms of managing their practice and navigating the intricacies of the Quebec healthcare system.

Academic Half-Days will be organized with St-Mary’s Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth family medicine group, with smaller teaching activities organized locally.

Contact us


Cité Médicale Lachine

2600 Victoria St, Lachine, Quebec H8S 1Z3


Clinique MedNam

2000 Rue Notre Dame West #301, Lachine, Quebec H8S 2G4


MedNam FMG-U Director: Dr. Antoine Hoang

Undergraduate Education Director: Dr. Laurence Coulombe

Postgraduate Education Director: Dr. Karen Tong

Administrative Coordinator: Sarah Ponzi (gmf-ulachine [at]

Phone number: 514-634-7146 ext 2028


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