Funding Opportunities

McGill and the Department of Family Medicine is very committed to helping graduate students secure adequate funding for their research and studies.

Applications may be made for a variety of studentships or fellowships administered by the University or by various private, provincial, federal agencies, or at the university level. Our trainees have been very successful in obtaining these awards!

Start off by:

  1. Consulting the Graduate Tuition and Fee Calculator for an approximation of the fees by residency and program type
  2. Reviewing Graduate Studies' information on Funding Opportunities, which is divided by type of student, and includes opportunities for international students and travel. 
  3. Noting the Guideline on Hours of Work for graduate students


Internal Funding Opportunities:

Tuition Assistance

The Department offers tuition assistance, as available, to MSc international and out-of-province students, and international PhD students.

Teaching Assistantships

Available on a competitive basis to qualified PhD candidates and exceptionally, MSc students.  Generally, 3 credit courses offer up to 40 hours of TA work.


These are funds paid to graduate students by their supervisor(s) in order to support success in their studies. Stipends are confirmed to the student at the time of admission.

Research Assistantships:

Students may work up to an additional 180 hours per semester (12 hours per week) as a research assistant.

Tannenbaum Fellows:

The Tannenbaum Fellowship program provides a $1,000 scholarship annually and enables PhD trainees to provide support to family medicine residents for their scholarly activities during their first year residency at our clinical sites. This is an excellent opportunity for PhD trainees to have more exposure to the work in the clinical sites, to mentor family medicine residents and to help build a network with future primary care clinicians.

PBRN Fellows:

The Practice-Based Research Network Fellowship program provides scholarships and enables PhD trainees and exceptionally, MSc students, to provide support to family medicine clinicians who are conducting or participating in research projects.  This is an other excellent opportunity for students to have more exposure to the work in the clinical sites and to network with primary care clinicians.

Loans and Bursaries

Based on financial need and not merit. For more information, please contact the Scholarship and Student Aid Office.

Internal Studentships from the McGill University Faculty of Medicine

Deadline: May 1, 2022 (estimate). Internal Studentships are open to highly qualified Faculty of Medicine graduate students who are registered full-time in a research training program leading to an MSc or PhD degree. Students who apply for a Faculty of Medicine Internal Studentship are automatically considered for every award for which they are eligible. 

Internal and External Differential Fee Waivers (DFW)

Differential Fee Waivers cover the difference between International Tuition and Quebec Resident Tuition fees and are available for International Students.  Contact our Program team to see if you qualify for a DFW.

Departmental Travel Awards (funded via GREAT Awards)

This award is for full-time MSc or PhD students enrolled in our programs. These awards cover dissemination of research through graduate student presentations at conferences, and other graduate student research-enhancement activities, such as travel for fieldwork, archival inquiry and extra-mural collaborative research.   Contact our Program team to learn about our nomination cycle.


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