Summer Session

We offer training for patient-oriented, community-based research with innovative methodologies and participatory approaches. The expertise of our teaching faculty crosses conventional discipline boundaries and research traditions. The courses and workshop during this session incorporate an interdisciplinary perspective with rigorous training in qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods and participatory research approaches with topics ranging from program evaluation to understanding the healthcare system. Graduate students, health professionals and others are welcome to register for these courses for either professional interest or credit.

Course # and Title Credits Term when course offered
FMED 606 1 Summer 2022
FMED 615 1 Summer 2022
FMED 672 2 Summer 2022
FMED 679 3 Summer 2022
FMED 702 1 Summer 2022


Courses taken for credit will be available for registration via MINERVA as of March.

For summer course fees for McGill students and residents, please click here.

Registration for McGill Undergraduate and Graduate Students 

Registration for summer courses (for credit) does not become available until spring. 

Please sherrie.child [at] (email) to be given permission to register for your course on Minerva. 


Registration for McGill Residents/Clinical Fellows 

Registration for summer courses (for credit) does not become available until March.

Please email graduateprograms.fammed [at] to be given permission to register for your course on Minerva.

Please note: If you are not a student in our program, but are interested in obtaining credit for the course, you are required to apply as a special student at McGill.  Deadline to apply for the summer session as a special student is April 1, 2022 for permanent residents and Canadian citizens.

Participants Seeking Professional Interest Certificate

Health professionals and others not seeking academic credits are considered for enrolment as Professional Interest Student in the Summer Session. Professional Interest Students are expected to participate fully in course work, including assignments and examinations. Students will be informed of the grade obtained, but it will not be officially recorded by the university and no formal university transcript will be issued. Students will receive a certificate of participation from the Department of Family Medicine. Courses taken for Professional Interest cannot subsequently be applied to an academic program.  Fees to take our courses for professional interest will be $200 per credit hour (i.e., a 3-credit course will cost $600).  To register for professional interest (non-credit), please make all cheques to McGill University and send them to:

Graduate Programs Coordinator 
Department of Family Medicine-McGill University
5858 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges, 3rd Floor 
Montréal, QC H3S 1Z1


Graduate Students From Other Quebec Universities (BCI)

Degree students from other Québec universities wishing to take course(s) in our department must:
1. Email the instructor for permission. Please include your degree program and university at which you are enrolled, and provide your reasons for wishing to take the course(s). Please ask the instructor, when responding to you, to include a cc to our sherrie.child [at] (graduate program coordinator). BCI registration requests will be processed as they are received.
2. After approval has been received from the instructor, students need to apply on-line here and should check their own university website or the BCI website for procedures.
Please note: Students will be charged by their Home Universities.


Important Note to International Applicants:

Individuals coming to Canada to study for less than a six-month period do not have to obtain a Study Permit (student visa). Notwithstanding this policy, you should still check with immigration authorities to ensure that you will be able to enter and remain in Canada to pursue your studies. Details are available from the Canadian Embassy or Consulate nearest you. Participants wishing to take courses for PROFESSIONAL INTEREST may come to Canada on a Visitor or Tourist Visa, since our Summer Session has a duration of less than three months. Please note: international students who are matriculated in a graduate program in their countries are not allowed to take our courses for credit unless they complete a full course load (12 credits) as a special student during the summer session. For obvious reasons, this has never been requested and thus is extremely rare; however, if someone is interested in this option, the deadline to apply for the summer session as a special student at McGill is January 15, 2022 for international students. Please contact the sherrie.child [at] (graduate programs coordinator) at if you have questions. 


McGill Faculty and Staff: 

If you are interested in completing some courses during the summer session, please contact the Graduate Programs. 

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