Why Study with Us?

Lashanda Skeritt

Lashanda Skerritt

PhD student

"The PhD program in Family Medicine and Primary Care provides a foundation for research trainees to study the complex social and structural contexts in which health services are delivered.” 

Nadia Sourial

Nadia Sourial

PhD graduate

“I went into family medicine to have a broader expertise. Completing a PhD in primary care helps me stand out as a researcher. It helped open the door to more opportunities.”

Vasiliki Rahimzadeh

Vasiliki Rahimzadeh

PhD graduate

"The social, clinical and ethical complexity that primary care and family medicine epitomize within modern healthcare systems compelled me to launch my research career in the Family Medicine Department in 2013."

Research-oriented, thesis-based graduate programs in family medicine and primary health are offered at both MSc and PhD levels. Postdoctoral training opportunities are also available. 

Research topics in the field of family medicine and primary health care cross conventional discipline boundaries and research traditions. Our training program incorporates an interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on community engagement. The program provides rigorous training in qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, knowledge synthesis and participatory research approaches. 

The dynamism and uniqueness of our Graduate Program stem from the pairing of dedicated supervisors with our passionate students. Through this matching process, students receive personalized mentorship and supportive guidance towards excellence in research and professional next steps.

Close links are maintained with the many family medicine clinical sites located across Montreal and in Quebec, as well as with the McGill Primary Care Research Network.


If you are a motivated learner, interested in rigorous training in methods appropriate for research in family medicine, and primary care with world-class faculty, this is the program for you. We offer competitive funding for multi-year tuition assistance and financial support to attend international conferences to present your thesis work.


Our MSc program encourages the following applicants:

  • Practicing family physicians
  • Family medicine residents
  • Undergraduate university students with a strong interest in family medicine
  • Other primary health care professionals

Our PhD program encourages the following applicants:

  • Primary care providers or family physicians with extensive research experience
  • Clinician scientists with Master's level research training
  • Master's graduates with a strong interest in family medicine or primary health care


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