Program Supervisors

Below is a directory of researchers affiliated to the Department of Family Medicine. These researchers are internationally-recognized leaders in their fields and may be available to be matched as Program Supervisors with future students of the department’s Graduate Programs.

As Program Supervisors, these researchers are dedicated to building dynamic, nurturing supervisory relationships with students. Learn more about each supervisor’s profile by clicking on their name.

Please note that though potential applicants may contact Program Supervisors at their discretion, not all Program Supervisors are available to undertake new supervisory commitments. During the application process, selected applicants are contacted by our team in order to facilitate a supervisor-applicant match.

Please note: If you would like to learn more about each supervisor, please click on the name.



Alayne Adams Global Health, Social Determinants of Health, Health Equity, Adolescent Health and Nutrition, Urban Food and Nutrition Systems, Primary Healthcare, Slum Health, Urban Health, Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations, Health Promotion, Research Capacity Strengthening, Urban Health Systems, Health Policy, Knowledge Translation, Global Health Education.
Anne Andermann Public Health, Primary Healthcare, Global Health, Aboriginal Health, Immigrant and Refugee Health, Social Determinants of Health, Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations, Health Equity, Health Promotion, Screening, Research Capacity Strengthening, Evidence-Informed Decision-Making, Health Policy, Knowledge Translation, Public Health Ethics.
Neil Andersson 

Cluster randomized controlled trials, Social audit, Evidence-based planning, Community-based research, Epidemiology, Aboriginal health.

Samira Abbasgholizadeh-Rahimi

Digital Technology; Artificial Intelligence; Soft computing; Health Care Systems Engineering; Primary Health Care; Decision Sciences; Clinical Decision Support; Shared Decision Making; Patient Decision Aids; Knowledge Translation, Implementation Science; Cardiovascular Disease; Dementia.

Tracie Barnett

Epidemiology of Pediatric Obesity; Obesity, physical activity, sedentary behaviours, dietary habits; Cardiovascular risk factor profile and metabolic health of children and adolescents; Methods of longitudinal data analysis; Influence of residential neighbourhoods and schools.

Yves Bergevin  Global Health; Maternal and Child Health; Primary Healthcare; Cost-Effective Interventions; Healthcare Systems.
richard.budgell [at] (Richard Budgell) Indigenous Health; Inuit and Health; Colonial Medicine; Healthcare Administration; Decolonizing Medical Practice; Participatory Research in Indigenous Communities
Anne Cockcroft

Implementation Research, Social Audit, Structural Interventions, Community-Based Research, HIV Prevention, Cluster Randomised Controlled Trials.

Roland Grad Knowledge Translation research in primary health care; Mixed methods research; Information Use; Information Assessment Methods; Clinical Computer-mediated Communication; Clinical Information Retrieval Technology; Continuing professional development.
Jeannie Haggerty Primary health care evaluation; Indicators and evaluation frameworks; Patient experience of care; Accessibility; Continuity of Care; Measures of outcomes and processes of healthcare; Provider Profiling; Administrative Databases; Health Policy Impact; Health Service Organizations.
Vladimir Khannassov Primary eldercare, Aging, Alzheimer Disease, Health Service Research, Mixed Method Research, Telemedicine/Virtual Care  
Bertrand Rebouche HIV Infection and Prevention, HCV Infection, Medical Ethics, Quality of Care, Patient Experience, Patient-Reported Outcomes, Mixed Methods Research, Clinical Trials, Antiretroviral Therapy.
alex.mccomber [at] (Alex McComber) Health Promotion, Wholistic Wellness, Indigenous Perspectives - Ways of Knowing and Doing, Indigenous and Decolonizing Methodologies in Health Research, Cultural Safety, Community Mobilization, Diabetes Prevention, Patient Participation in Health Research, Personal and Community Empowerment, Community - Academy Research Collaboration, Participatory Research
Peter Nugus Communities of Practice; Organizational learning and change; Understanding and education for care transitions of emergency department patients; Knowledge translation and practice improvement in care coordination for older people; systems and complexity approaches to health care policy, practice and education; Research skills; and Academic writing.
Alexandra De Pokomandy Human Papillomavirus (HPV), HIV, Cancer, Women's Health.

Kathleen Rice

Medical anthropology; ethnography; qualitative health research; rural and remote health; chronic pain; perinatal care; obstetric violence; sexual and reproductive health; medical education; health inequity; critical approaches to health policy; social construction of categories that organize healthcare practice and disease experience; health of marginalized populations; gender; generation; social theories of power; human rights; Southern Africa; Canada.

Charo Rodriguez

Medical education: professional identity, mentorship, empathy, evaluative research.

Healthcare organization studies: collaboration, organizational identity, power.

Justin Sanders Culture, communication, and serious illness, with a focus on promoting authentic healing relationships.
Tibor Schuster

Cluster Randomized Controlled Trials; Electronic Medical / Health Record Data; Causal Inference; (Pharmaco-) Epidemiology; Biostatistics; Data Science.

Amy Shawanda Indigenous health, health care, land-based learning, Indigenous maternal health, Indigenous pedagogies, Indigenous methodologies, and spiritual health.
Ian Shrier Sports Medicine; Biostatistics.
Pierre-Paul Tellier

Identity formation in family medicine academics, Evaluation of a e-learning tool for medical students on pain assessment and management, Health promotion needs of indigenous medical students.

Isabelle Vedel Primary Care, Family Medicine, Health Service Research/Organization, Mixed Method Research, Chronic Diseases, Alzheimer Disease, Information Technology.
Mark Ware Pain, Cannabinoids, Epidemiology, Complementary Medicine, Epidemiology of chronic pain; Primary care management of low back pain; Evaluating the use of cannabis and cannabinoids for medical purposes; Evaluating complementary and alternative approaches to pain management.
Machelle Wilchesky

Dementia, Quality of medical and nursing care for the frail elderly residing in Long-Term Care facilities, Pharmacoepidemiology, Optimal medication use in patients with dementia, De-prescribing, Delirium superimposed on dementia, Neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia, Epidemiology.

Mark Yaffe

Family Caregiving; Elder Abuse; Depression Management; Patient Self-Care.



Sara Ahmed 

Chronic Disease Management, Health Outcome Assessment, Clinical Epidemiology, Population and Public Health, Preventive Medicine, Health Informatics, Health Services Research, Health Technology Assessment.

Gillian Bartlett Pharmacoepidemiology, Epidemiology, Adverse Events, Health Informatics, Prescription Medication, Primary Care Genomics, Knowledge Translation, Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension Treatment, Complex Exposure Modeling, Primary Care Research.
David Buckeridge  Biosurveillance; Medical Informatics; and Public Health.
Carolyn Ells  Patient-centered care theory and Research Ethics Review Process/Policy.
Jennifer Fishman  Empirical Ethics; Personalized Genomic Medicine; Bioethics; End of Life decisions.
Matthias Friedrich  Cardiology; Cardiology Magnetic Resonance.
Richard Hovey  Patient-centered Care; Communication in Healthcare; Phenomenology; Hermeneutics; Interdisciplinary Practice; Leadership; Patient and Health Professional Education.

Patricia Tak Sam Li 

Pediatrics, health services research, primary care, asthma, administrative databases, guidelines, preventive care, knowledge translation, knowledge synthesis.

Antonia Maioni  Healthcare Reform in US and Canada; Social Policy and Welfare State; Comparative Politics; Provincial and Quebec Politics.
Melissa Park  Clinical Reasoning; Cultural Diversity; Chronic and Long term Illness; Disability Experiences; Mixed Methods; Ethnography.
Erin Strumpf  Health economics; Health Policy.
Daniel Weinstock 

Social and political philosophy; ethics of public policy; ethics of nationalism; foundations of international ethics politics of language and identity; democracy, citizenship, and pluralism; justice in multinational states; accommodation of cultural and moral diversity in democratic societies.

Meredith Young 

Medical decision making, clinical reasoning, decision making across the lifespan and expertise, how to effectively assess trainees, and factors that can influence public perceptions of health.

ADJUNCT                  PROFESSORS 


Julie Bruneau Epidemiology, HIV, HCV, Injection Drug Use, Access to Health Care by Drug Addicts.
Robin Cohen

Optimizing the quality of life of palliative care patients and that of their family caregivers; Developing measures of their quality of life (MQOL: McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire; QOLLTI-F: Quality of Life in Life-Threatening Illness – Family Caregiver version); Develop projects to galvanize communities to be more involved in helping families with a member at the end of life.

Yves Couturier  Interprofessional coordination; Health Service Integration; Professional Practice; and Interdisciplinarity.
Catherine Hudon  Primary Healthcare; Multimorbidities and Chronic Illness in Primary Healthcare; Patient Centered Care.
Matthew Hunt

Ethics of conducting research in situations of disaster; Equity in the design and implementation of health policy; Examination of ethics in access to rehabilitation services.

Amalia Issa 

Personalized Medicine; pharmacogenomics; pharmaceutical outcomes research and policy; pharmacoepidemiology; policy relevant to genomics.

Janusz Kaczorowski 

Medical Sociology, Cluster Randomized Trials, Family Medicine, Primary Healthcare.
Edeltraut Kroger  Aging; Cognitive Decline; Dementia; Pharmacoepidemiology.
Marie-Thérèse Lussier  Medication Conversations with Patients; Asthma; Mental Health Consultation in Primary Healthcare; Chronic Illnesses and Problems.
Emily Marshall  Primary healthcare models; Community-based primary healthcare services; Population Data and Vulnerable populations; Healthcare access.
Christian Rochefort 

Patient safety, adverse events, quality and performance assessment, electronic health record, administrative databases, clinical databases, natural language processing, machine learning, automated detection, epidemiology, nurse staffing, nursing administration research, survival analysis, pharmacoepidemiology.

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