Resources for Caregivers of Seniors

Support for Caregivers

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The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) offers a personalized approach to helping you. Our specialists can provide you with resources and tools to help you cope with the stress, guilt, and sense of ‘being overwhelmed,’ often associated with caregiving responsibilities. They can also provide a one on-one telephone consultation to assess, identify and locate caregiving services—including provider options, location, current availability and fees—to suit your needs for day-to-day challenges or long-term solutions. Details here.


Caregiver Tips 

  • Keep photocopies of hospital and healthcare cards. Check expiration dates.
  • Open a Health Booklet QC account for them to monitor appointments, prescriptions, refills, tests, etc. 
  • Be prepared in case of an emergency trip to the hospital: Keep a bag ready with the senior's personal hygiene items, clothes, slippers, reading glasses, etc. Take fruit and snacks, as well as coins for vending machines.
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