Identification card

If you registered within the required dates and paid your fees, you may obtain your ID card. This card is essential on campus if you want to access Purvis Hall, borrow books from any McGill library, use athletic facilities etc.

Returning students do not need to have their ID Cards validated, they must however have registered by stated deadlines. They will only need to have a new card issued if they change their degree program. NB: Students must register each year even though they are no longer taking courses.

Resources at Purvis Hall


First-year Ph.D. students are provided with a desks and computer for their first year in the program at the beginning of the Fall semester. If desks are not used they will be re-assigned to other students or researchers.

Eating and Kitchen Facilities

There is no cafeteria in Purvis Hall. The closest cafeterias are in the Education building and on the 5th floor of the McIntyre Medical building. They are open during the day but not evenings or weekends. These cafeterias offer a few hot dishes, sandwiches and soft drinks. For a more complete selection there are cafeterias in the Student Union building and Thomson House (Graduate Student House) both located on McTavish Street.

If you prefer to bring your lunch, there is a kitchen in the Lower Level of Purvis Hall (Room 12). A small refrigerator is available but tends to be overcrowded during the semester. There is also a kettle, microwave oven and a toaster oven. It is each student’s responsibility to keep these facilities clean. Please respect this.

In addition, the Solarium serves as a multipurpose room providing an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to interact in an informal setting.

Reading Room

The Reading Room in Purvis Hall is located in Room 21A. The room isalways open, but anyone who wishes to use it outside regular working hours (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday) is responsible for ensuring that all of the windows are properly closed and locked and the blinds are closed before they leave. All reading material must remain in the room. If you wish to copy certain material, it is expected this will be returned as soon as possible. Please re-shelve material taken from shelves. This room functions on an honour system and its continued existence requires the full support of faculty and students.

A more complete selection of material is found in the Health Sciences Library (3rd floor, McIntyre building).

Theses of former students are available for consultation only. They are not to be removed from the Reading Room and should be re-shelved alphabetically by author. You may also download all theses at the following address:


Student mailboxes are located in the Lower Level of Purvis Hall. Please check them regularly.

uPrint (print | scan | copy)

Students can print from any computer on campus to a central print queue and release their print job at the Xerox device of their choice. Purvis Hall has a Xerox device located in the open area of the basement. Printing and photocopying fees are directly billed to your student fee account. The Xerox device in Purvis Hall allows students to print, photocopy, and scan to email (no charge). More information about uPrint for students can be found here.


Tutoring of Undergraduate Medical students is an activity in which students are encouraged to participate. This occurs over the winter semester every year. Although it is not paid, it is an excellent way to hone communications skills. Please contact christel.renoux [at] (subject: Epidemiology%20Small%20Group%20tutoring) (Dr. Christel Renoux) to volunteer.


Parking in front of Purvis Hall is restricted to staff and faculty with McGill permits. Those without permits may use the indoor garage in McIntyre for a maximum charge $19.00/day. Indoor parking can also be found at the Education Building (entrance on McTavish street). Information on other locations is available at


In case of emergency please call 911, then Security Services at 514-398-3000.

Access to Purvis Hall is limited to working hours Monday to Friday (Monday to Thursday during summer), 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. At all other times the front door will remain locked and access will be only with your ID card. You are not to use your card in order to let others in the building, individuals who require access to the building already have it. The exit door in the basement, via Peel Street, is not to be used except for emergency purposes (i.e. fire).

Students are advised to take special care with all personal effects as thefts are known to occur. To report thefts please call 514-398-4556. After hours, please call 514-398-3731.


Our department offers the following computing facilities to our students:

  • A computer lab of 6 Windows PCs and a Xerox machine (uPrint) located in the Purvis Hall Lower Level. PCs and Xerox are linked through an Active Directory network, with access to Internet. Regulations and guidelines concerning usage of these facilities are posted in the Lab;
  • Wireless Network Connectivity to laptops having a proper Wireless Network Interface Card. See this page for details;
  • Some students are provided with a computer at Purvis Hall. It is the student responsibility to run all the necessary updates on the computer, to maintain the material in good condition, and to clean it (including the local hard drive) for the next student when they leave Purvis Hall.

Visit the McGill Computer Store web page if you are planning on purchasing a laptop or other computing equipment.

Students who require help with their computer-related questions and/or problems can consult the McGill ICS Service Desk at ICS Service Desk or help.medit [at] (Med IT).

Free Antivirus software

This software is available to all full-time McGill students. See IT Knowledge Base for details.

myMcGill Web Portal

This is the central access point from which you can get your email and online course materials, link to your student records, view important news and announcements from McGill, and more. See IT Knowledge Base 1409 for details.

McGill Email

McGill students receive a McGill Email Address usually in the form of firstname.lastname @, with 50 GB of online storage space. Any official McGill email sent to students will be addressed to that McGill Email Address. See IT Knowledge Base # 1016 for details.

File Storage Space

McGill students have access to 1 TB FREE personal file space on OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud file storage component of the Office 365 package.

  • Access your files from anywhere – on laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.
  • Share files with friends and colleagues.
  • Use the web-based interface on any platform, or use integration points with Office 365 Pro Plus applications on Windows and mobile devices.
  • Store files with confidence - McGill’s contract with Microsoft respects the privacy laws of Quebec and Canada, and protects your intellectual property.

For more information, visit OneDrive (cloud file storage).

The use of personal file storage is subject to McGill's Policy on the Responsible Use of McGill IT Resources.

Note for graduating students and alumni:
The Microsoft licensing agreement does not cover alumni. Students who graduate will lose their access to OneDrive and the data will be deleted; therefore, you must ensure any of your files are backed up to another storage medium when you leave McGill.

Other Useful Links to IT-Related Services at McGill

Service Point

3415 McTavish St. (corner of Sherbrooke)

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm | Wednesday 10am – 5pm


What does Service Point offer?

  • Answer admissions questions (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Help with registration and Minerva
  • Issue McGill ID cards
  • Print official transcripts for pick-up and mailings
  • Explain tuition and the student fee account
  • Validate legal status to establish tuition fee rate
  • Issue international health insurance cards
  • Certify, translate and replace diplomas
  • Provide info about student exchange/study abroad

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS)

Rules and Regulations for Graduate Students at McGill University

Please note that the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies of McGill University administers the procedures, the programs, and the rules and regulations for graduate students.  Please consult their web site at  All graduate students must adhere to the rules and regulations of GPS.  Programs may have specific regulations as long as they are consistent with those of the GPS.  Regulations pertaining to our specific programs are outlined on our web site at  New students should be familiar with the contents of:

General Information on Regulations and Research Guidelines of the Office of Graduate & Postgraduate Studies

The Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities


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