Appendix B: Benefit Plan Coverage

Continuance of University benefits plan coverage while on research and study leave:

For staff members on paid leave, coverage under all University benefit plans in which the member is enrolled (e.g. Group Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, Pension, Supplemental Health, Dental) is continued automatically for the duration of the paid leave. The University continues to pay its share of the cost for all benefit plans in which the member is enrolled for the duration of the paid leave. The staff member's contributions for benefit coverage will automatically be deducted by Payroll on a semi-monthly basis for the duration of the paid leave.

For staff members on unpaid leave:

The University benefit plans in which the staff member is enrolled are not continued automatically while on unpaid leave.

The university does not continue its normal contribution for any of the benefit plans in which the member is a participant during the period of the leave.

The staff member may elect which benefit plan coverage to continue and/or suspend during the period of the leave by paying both the University’s and the employee's contributions towards the cost of the elected benefit plan coverage continued while on leave.

The following exclusions exist under the University’s Supplemental Health Plan, Dental Plan, and Long Term Disability plan:

Employees will not receive coverage for claims arising from insurrection, war (declared or not) or the hostile actions of the armed forces of any country, or participation in a riot or civil commotion.

Under the University’s Group Life Insurance Plan, a staff member's employment continues during any period he/she is on an approved leave or absence, but not exceeding 24 months (unless a longer period is approved by the insurer).

While conducting research, working or traveling outside Quebec and/or Canada, the staff should be made aware of the following:

To ensure coverage under the Quebec Medicare Plan while outside Québec and/or Canada for a continuous period of more than six (6) months, prior to the staff member’s departure he/she should contact the Québec Health Insurance Board, Eligibility Division, P.O. Box 6600, Québec, Québec G1K 7T3, to obtain written confirmation of his/her coverage while absent from the province.

Participation in the McGill Supplemental Health Plan is contingent on coverage under Quebec Medicare Plan.

The McGill Supplemental Health Plan provides Emergency Travel Assistance coverage for medical expenses incurred while traveling outside of Canada or your province of residence. Coverage is limited to 90 days per trip, unless you are traveling on University business. The plan covers 100% of eligible expenses provided the services are ordered by a doctor and provided part of the charge is payable under the provincial health plan in the province of residence (for a more thorough description please refer to the Supplemental Health Plan brochure, or the Benefits web-site at

The Emergency Travel Assistance services are administered by World Access Canada Inc. If you should require medical assistance while traveling, contact World Access as soon as possible so they can ensure you get the care you need without incurring unnecessary expenses. For a more thorough description of this coverage, the telephone numbers to call in the event of emergency, and to get a travel card please refer to the Emergency Travel Assistance brochure (available from the Benefits Office). Please ensure that you carry the Emergency Travel Assistance card with you when traveling as this is the only way World Access can check your coverage and guarantee payment to the medical facility where you are receiving care.

It is important to call World Access in advance of your travels, if there’s a chance the country you’ll be traveling to be in distress or strife. The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade publishes and updates a list of countries that are currently affected.

In addition, the University provides a Business Travel Insurance plan, which provides emergency out-of-country medical coverage for employees traveling on business. This business travel insurance plan provides McGill staff members coverage for emergency medical expenses related to war or terrorism only, as these expenses are not covered by the Supplemental Health Plan. In order to ensure this coverage you are required to complete and submit the business travel form prior to departure. This form is available at

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