Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety module of myLab replaces three legacy systems for managing radioactive materials (RAIR, RILS and RTS) and features:

  • A system for managing radioactive materials, including permits, purchasing, inventory and waste disposal controls at Environment Health and Safety (EHS) and McGill laboratories
  • Integration with McGill MarketPlace
  • A sub-system for managing radioactive waste from research institutes at affiliated teaching hospitals (MUHC)

It is mandatory for all McGill laboratories to use McGill MarketPlace for ordering radioactive materials and the myLab system for tracking usage and disposal.

To gain access to the Radiation Safety Module, please contact the mario.badillo [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Access%20to%20myLab%20-%20Radiation%20Safety%20Module) (Radiation Safety Officer), and provide your full name, McGill ID and the name of your Principal Investigator (PI).

Once access is granted, the username is your McGill email address and the password is that of your McGill email.


For more information on the Radiation Safety module of myLab, training guide, videos and FAQs, see the myLab Service Description. Note that you will need to login with your McGill ID and password for access.

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