Chemical Safety

The Chemical Safety module of myLab provides researchers with efficient, centralized web-based tools that emphasize safety, compliance with government regulations, ease-of-use and sustainability. Other features include:

  • A system for managing WHMIS controlled products or other hazardous chemicals, including purchasing, inventory and waste disposal controls for McGill laboratories
  • Integration with McGill MarketPlace
  • Integration with MSDSonline for Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management. This provides access to their database of over 14 million electronic SDS’.  To view their database collection, you must first login to your chemical inventory on myLab.



  • The myLab system helps build a safer research environment at McGill by providing emergency response units with immediate access to critical information in the event of an accident or emergency. Fire department, police, ambulance services and other first responders require access to information on hazardous materials stored at the location of an accident or emergency before entering the site.
  • Accurate documentation and up-to-date chemical inventories will help labs comply with regulations regarding labeling of controlled products, chemical compatibility and storage.
  • Better chemical inventory management will discourage over purchasing, reduce waste, space demands, and costs to the University and help eliminate deteriorating chemicals from lab inventories.
  • The web-based system allows laboratories to share their inventories of chemicals within departments.
  • Decommissioning of labs can be labour-intensive and costly for departments. Better management with myLab means simpler and safer clean-up operations.


For more information on the myLab Chemical Safety module and the Chemical Safety User Guide, see the myLab page on the McGill Knowledgebase (training guides, videos, course registration and FAQs. Note that you will need to login with your McGill ID and password for access)

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