Using a survey meter

A radiation survey meter is used to detect moderate to high energy beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. This kind of meter is unable to measure low energy radioisotopes like tritium (H-3). The unit is...

Radioisotope Permits

Researchers must possess an internal McGill Radioisotope permit to acquire, store and use radioisotopes at McGill University. To receive a permit, you must complete the Radioisotope Permit...

McGill Radiation Safety Manual

Radiation Safety Manual Version 7.0 For inquiries regarding hazardous waste disposal Hazardous Waste Management x 5066

Radiation Safety Services

The policies, regulations and procedures of the Radiation Safety Program apply to all activities involving the use, storage, transportation and disposal of radioisotopes in the buildings or grounds...

Purchasing Radioisotopes and Meters

Researchers who wish to purchase radioisotopes need a valid McGill Internal Radioisotope Permit. For further details, contact the Radiation safety officer at 514-398-2245.

Radiation Basics

In order to help the McGill community to better understand radiation issues and to safely work with radioisotopes, Environmental Health & Safety has grouped here useful tools and information.

Radiation Safety

Radiation safety at McGill is strictly regulated. The University has instituted policies, controls and services to insure all University and affiliated institution activities involving radioactive...


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