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On March 13, 2024, the McGill community came together for McGill24, the University's annual day of giving. The power of collective action was on full display as donors showed support for important projects with impact on campus and beyond. Donors made 7,690 gifts totalling $4.86M and contributed to more than 100 crowdfunding initiatives, including $175 for the Education Community Garden and nearly $800 supporting student interns in the B.A.(Education); Major in Education in Global Contexts. You gave McGill Education 111 donations within a 24-hour period, unlocking a major gift of $101,000 for research and student support.

The extraordinary generosity of McGill's supporters helps fund groundbreaking projects that can make a difference as we seek to create a better future. 

Thank you for working towards a better future. Every gift, big or small, has an impact on our community. A better future starts with individual action. A better future starts with you. Thank you!

SASSI Virtual Panel

On McGill24, members of the Sylvan Adams Sports Science Institute (SASSI) held a live virtual panel, From the Muscle Cell to the Podium. The virtual round-table discussed SASSI's innovative sports science research, its effect on performance, how new discoveries are helping elite athletes take their skills to the next level, in addition to offering personal anecdotes. SASSI Director, Dr. Julie Côté moderated the roundtable with panelists Paralympian Karolina Wisniewska, Dr. Philippe Dixon, a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and Sports Biomechanics, and SASSI Fellow, Thalia Krauth-Ibarz.

SASSI Panel YouTube Video Link

Beyond McGill24, you can still support Education's crowdfunding projects:

Internships for Tomorrow's Changemakers

Group of students working together

Students pursuing the B.A.(Education); Major in Education in Global Contexts engage in a program that positions educators as social changemakers and problem-solvers. These Education undergrads apply their learning to a summer internship after their second year of studies, opting to work in various business/non-profit sectors, and organizations, in locations in Quebec or around the world. Students search for and secure their internship placements, but many of these opportunities may be unpaid or require travel, creating financial barriers that can limit student access. The funds raised on McGill24 will directly support these B.A. students by providing stipends covering expenses such as travel, accommodation, and living costs during their internships, enabling them to focus on their learning and professional development without the stress of financial constraints.

Crowdfunding Goal: $2,000

Grow McGill Education’s Community Garden

Students work on Education's Community Garden

McGill’s Education Community Garden, a two-level greenspace tucked next to the Education Building on Peel Street, provides an outdoor learning space to teach sustainable development and ecological literacy. Students, staff members, and others benefit from hands-on learning that promotes good health through nutrition, the influence and impact of nature, and the well-being that comes from urban gardening.

A greenspace for gathering in the community to teach and learn together, funding is needed to grow and maintain the garden infrastructure, supplies to host events and workshops for the McGill community, and invited learners on such topics as eco-art, land-based pedagogy, permaculture, and nutrition.

Crowdfunding Goal: $500
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