Alumni Spotlight: Child Psychologist Dr. Tamara Soles Offers Parents Advice about Back to School

Published: 12 August 2020

Child psychologist and parenting coach, Dr. Tamara Soles discusses strategies for parents on how to manage children's stress and anxiety about back-to-school during COVID-19 in her new Facebook video. "Kids are the barometer of stress in their family and when there's a stressful situation happening, it shows up in our kid's behaviour...It's important to have those conversations with our children to find out what they're feeling, to acknowledge what their feeling and to validate that it's okay to feel that way," Dr. Soles reassures parent viewers.


Dr. Soles is a McGill Education alumna (Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology), a psychologist and member of the Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec and the founder and director of The Secure Child. Apart from her managing her clinic, podcast series, and social media outreach, Tamara is also a proud mom of twins.

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