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McGill Kinesiology Clinic

Established in 2018, the Kinesiology Clinic is a teaching and training facility of the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education within McGill’s Faculty of Education. Supervised by kinesiologists, students practice techniques in exercise evaluation, prescription and programming, activity leadership, gait analysis, ergonomics, motivation, and sports psychology, as well as targeted interventions. Students conduct these activities, engaging with a varied population from individuals of average health to elite athletes, as well as people with special needs. The local community benefits from the Kinesiology Clinic through its low-cost workouts and other fitness-based offerings. 

The Clinic also works in partnership with McGill Athletics and Recreation and the McGill Sports Medicine Clinic.


Kinesiology Clinic Offerings

Choose from these fitness training and ergonomics assessment programs:

Lunchtime Fitness

Lunchtime Fitness

Develop and maintain your cardiovascular health and muscular strength twice weekly during your lunchhour at the Kinesiology Clinic in a semi-private training environment.  Supervised kinesiology students will conduct an initial health interview and fitness assessment followed by eight weeks of biweekly personalized fitness training using cardio and strength equipment. In the final session, you will be provided with another fitness assessment to evaluate your progress.

10-week program
Mondays and Wednesdays:  12:00-13:00 or 13:00-14:00
Tuesdays and Thursdays:  12:00-13:00 or 13:00-14:00

Cost: $120

This program is offered in fall, winter and summer semesters.
Maximum of 4 people per class, total of 16 participants for the program per semester.

clinic.kpe [at] (subject: Lunchtime%20Fitness%20Inquiry) (Sign Up or Learn More)



Online Fitness

Online Fitness

Launched in 2020 and in-demand due to the new model of hybrid work, online group fitness classes are available at select times for participants seeking the benefits of training from home or office. Supervised kinesiology students create "bootcamp style" training programs using little to no equipment.  Sessions are run via Zoom twice weekly for ten weeks. Sessions aim to target cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance while giving participants added motivation.

Cost: $60

This program is offered in fall, winter and summer semesters.

clinic.kpe [at] (subject: Online%20Fitness%20Inquiry) (Sign Up or Learn More)

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Office Ergonomics Assessment

Wondering if your computer workstation is properly set up and if you have proper posture and physically healthy office work habits?  Get advice on the correct positioning of your monitor, chair height, and more helpful tips. Having the correct setup of your home office can help with better posture, less back pain, and help avoid overuse injuries.

Ergonomic assessments are offered remotely (online) or in person.

Cost: $50
By appointment only.

clinic.kpe [at] (subject: Office%20Ergonomics%20Assessment%20Inquiry) (Sign Up or Learn More)

Ergonomic Assessment

Full Ergonomics Assessment

Does your job involve some lifting, pushing, or repetitive movements?  Do you ever wonder what you can do to avoid developing work-related injuries?  Get a kinesiologist to conduct a full assessment and make suggestions on how to adopt healthy and safe work habits.  

Cost: $80
By appointment only.

clinic.kpe [at] (subject: Full%20Ergonomics%20Assessment%20Inquiry) (Sign Up or Learn More)


Don’t see what you are looking for?  If you have some questions or specific concerns regarding your own physical activity needs or goals, just contact us to determine if one of our “plans in progress” can be of interest to you.

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