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The combination of ECON 208 and ECON 209 is a prerequisite for all 300-level courses in economics.

It should be noted that in all of the course listings below where the combination of ECON 208 and ECON 209 are listed as prerequisites or corequisites, the combination of MGCR 293 and ECON 295 or the more advanced courses ECON 230D or ECON 250D serve as acceptable prerequisites or corequisites.

400-level courses have Calculus I (or its equivalent) or a course in mathematical techniques for economic analysis (or its equivalent) as a prerequisite and generally require at least ECON 230D. Students whose previous training is deemed adequate for taking specific courses at the 300- or 400-level may be exempted from listed prerequisites by explicit permission of the instructor.


500-level courses are open to advanced undergraduate students.

Non-honours students are not permitted to register in courses specifically designated as Honours courses without authorization from the course instructor.

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