MATH 125 Mathematical Techniques for Economics

New Math Course for Major/Minor Students

Are you an Economics student interested in developing your quantitative methods for your courses? MATH 125 (Mathematical Techniques for Economics) might be the course for you!

In collaboration with the Department of Mathematics, we now offer a new 3-credits course on Mathematical Techniques for Economics (MATH 125). This course provides students with basic mathematical skills that will be very useful in subsequent courses in economics.

This course will teach you the differentiation and optimization of single and multivariable functions; constrained optimization of multivariable functions; with applications to economics.

  • MATH 125 does not count as part of the requirements for our Majors, Minors and Honours programs.
  • Upon prior consultation with the 400-level economics instructor, MATH 125 may qualify as a prerequisite for 400-level economics courses.
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