Using Minerva to register

The Minerva Registration how-to video walks you through the course registration process.

Register for courses

Start registration by following each step on the Minerva Student Menu > Registration Menu.

Refer to the Waitlists page for information on waitlisting, or the Having Trouble Registering page if you encounter any issues.

You can click the Next Step link at the bottom of each page after completing each step.

  1. Check Your Registration Eligibility and Verify Your Curriculum

    1. Select the term in which you wish to register and click Submit.
    2. The Check Your Registration Eligibility and Verify Your Curriculum screen appears. If your Registration Status indicates something prevents you from registering, click on HELP for information on how to proceed.
    3. Once all Registration Status indicators display you are eligible to register, proceed to the next step.
  2. Search Class Schedule and Add Course Sections

    For detailed instructions on viewing and using the Minerva Class Schedule, refer to the Create a class schedule page.

    1. Select a term (you should select the same term as the term of registration you previously submitted).
    2. From the Look Up Course Sections form, select at least one Subject/one Faculty and any other criteria to narrow available course sections and click Get Course Sections.
    3. To register for a course section, check the box next to the CRN and click Register.
      Important: For courses that require a registration permit override, you must register using the Quick Add or Drop Course Sections menu after having obtained the appropriate permit.

    Using the "Quick Add or Drop Course Sections" method

    Your registered course sections appear in the "Current Schedule" section of the "Quick Add or Drop Course Sections" page. Ensure no registration errors appear next to the course section you have added. At this point you may also register for additional courses by entering the CRN in the Quick Add Worksheet grid.

    You can also use "Quick Add or Drop Course Sections" to drop course sections. In the "Current Schedule" section, use the "Action" column to drop (before add/drop deadline) or withdraw (after add/drop and until withdrawal without refund deadline) from a course section.

  3. Verify registration fee assessment

    If you have finished registering for all course sections for the current term, you can verify all related fees for the term.

    Note: More options for viewing fee calculations and other activity on your account are described on the Student Account summaries web page.
  4. View Student Schedule by Course Section

    Verify that all sections you have registered for appear on your Student Schedule. Check that the Grade Mode for each section matches the grading option you had specified.

  5. View Personal Weekly Class Schedule

    Review your finalized weekly schedule and check for any time conflicts. You can adjust it to view different weeks. Print your weekly schedule by clicking your web browser's print button.

  6. View Tuition Fee and Legal Status

    View your tuition fee and legal status.

You may now end your current registration session. To return to the Registration menu, click MENU at the top-right corner of the screen. To log out of Minerva, click on EXIT.

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